CSN, NBC’s Sarah Kustok joins Twitter, 3,000 followers in 3 days



It’s not often that an individual joining Twitter is news-worthy, but when that individual obtains about 3,000 followers in just three days, it’s more than worthy of some online media attention. Such is the case with Comcast Sports Net Chicago’s Sarah Kustok (you’ve seen her on NBC 5 Sports Sunday too).

Kustok (@sarahkustok) made her first tweet on NBA Draft night: “Hi everyone! Please be patient…not sure about this whole Twitter thing…” she said and over the weekend Sarah Kustok accrued enough followers to instantly have the Conan O’Brien/Jay Mariotti style following to followers ratio going on.


And that’s actually pretty important when it comes to tweeting, you want to have at least a 3:1 followers to following ratio. Think of it like the TD pass to INT ratio statistic in the NFL. And trust me, I know a thing or two about this NERDY social media stuff. You might have noticed that Sarah Kustok doesn’t have the “verified account” logo that so many other celebrities do. So how do you know it’s actually her and not an impostor tweeting when you can’t see the white check mark in the little blue circle?

Plenty of tweets from her friends/coworkers @sarahlauch and @lukestuckmeyer vouch for her.


If you’re looking for her on Facebook, she’s not there. To the best of my knowledge. However, I do believe there’s not one but two Facebook group pages/fan pages (cuz group and fan pages are pretty much the same thing) devoted to her. For more on Kustok I suggest you read this exclusive interview I did with her awhile back.

The Chicago Blackhawks sideline reporter also had a moment that makes my top 5 Chicago sportscaster top 5- the Hawks fan who told her that he loved her during the shoot the puck. Go here to watch video on that. It went viral in a hurry this past winter, and even made her name a top trending term on Alexa.com

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