Brewers superfan Front Row Amy gives mindless take on Ryan Braun

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Front Row Amy, formally known as Amy Williams, is a Milwaukee Brewers superfan known for her breasts, and….not much else.

Front Row Amy achieved her 15 minutes of internet fame via by having some of the best seats in Miller Park; and intentionally calling attention to enlarged breasts. Front Row Amy has about as much personality as Katherine Webb; which means she has no personality.

Both Webb and Front Row Amy could have parlayed their fame into something more; if only, either of them ever had anything remotely interesting to say.

So how did Amy handle the Ryan Braun is guilty news?


I can appreciate the idea of being a fan through thick and thin. You should never abandon your team just because they suck. However, when they lie to you, when the team’s main players are obvious serial liars, you have more than sufficient cause to abandon ship. Look at all the Patriots fan turning in their Aaron Hernandez gear; as they should- he’s a murderer!

If you’re a Steelers fan, ditch the Roethlisberger stuff- you know what he is.

Not Front Row Amy though, she’s one of those who always believes in blind faith and 100% support, no matter what.

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