Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders does Golf Digest photo shoot


The Golf Channel’s Holly Sonders is about to bring a lot more eyeballs to the sport of golf. Well, she’s bringing a lot more publicity to the sport anyway. Who is Holly Sonders?  Here’s her biography and photo collection. She’s also the cover girl for May’s Golf Digest. Which is the fitness issue. And she certainly showed off just how fit she herself is.

Holly Sonders can be seen on “Morning Drive” and “School of Golf” on the Golf Channel. She was a four-year member of the Michigan State golf team, and the Lady Spartans won a Big 10 title during her time there. She might the most inspiring MSU figure this side of Tom Izzo.

Holly Sonders comes to Golf Channel from KATV in Little Rock, Ark., where she was a news and sports reporter. Holly Sonders also served as a sideline reporter for the Big Ten Network during the 2009 season. An Ohio native, Holly Sonders began her career at WBNS-10 TV in Columbus.


Click over to the Golf Digest photo gallery to see all the pictures of Holly Sonders that were in the May issue.

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  1. Aaron Oakley says:

    What a dumb article. Just a bunch of rambling with no argument, point, discussion, etc. No mention of Holly’s new show, “Playing Lessons.” Interested readers would be better off looking up Holly’s Wiki page

  2. paulmbanks says:

    Aaron: hey, thanks for coming!

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