VIDEO: Wayne Rooney says he has a Chevy Camaro, I don’t believe it

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Wayne Rooney is far from the most interesting interview in football. Not that you really have a lot of interesting footballers on the microphone, but Rooney still stands out as being a less than stellar soundbite. I posted this video, featuring a brief conversation with Wayne Rooney awhile back. It shows Manchester United driving some Chevrolets in Beverley Hills, California.

This was a day or two before they trounced the L.A. Galaxy in the Rose Bowl 7-0. And the players looks pretty bored and unexcited to be cruising around in their Camaros and Corvettes.

Take a look:

Rooney says that he has a Camaro. I don’t believe it for a second. I don’t think anyone in England drives a Chevy. Especially a guy who has the richest contract in English football history. No way. As for why Wayne Rooney and his teammates look really bored in this video….I think I know the answer.




That video isn’t news. There’s nothing news worthy about it. It’s just product placement from United’s shirt sponsor, nothing more, nothing less. British comedian John Oliver explains this trend perfectly in the video below.

United’s Chevy promo in Southern California is the perfect example.

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  1. DaMacFunkin says:

    As someone who lives in Manchester and actually goes to watch Manchester United I can confirm that towards the end of last season the players car park outside Old Trafford was full of Chevvy’s, all the first team squad where allowed to pick one as a gift, this was before the sponsorship deal had kicked in, as seems to be the norm among highly paid sports stars Wayne Rooney owns more than 1 Vehicle, as well as a Camaro he also owns a Range Rover but I wager you don’t know what one of those is?

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