Deron Williams Takes Beating on Twitter During NBA Finals; Some of the More Clever Tweets


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The 2009 version of Deron Williams is kind of like the 2005 edition of Illini basketball- in reality not that long ago, but feels like ancient history.

As a University of Illinois alum, it’s painful to watch Deron Williams have such a brutal NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Especially since this is the first appearance of his career, and it may be his only one. He’s still scoreless in the series, and game three reached a new low point.

That’s really a shame because D. Will had a big game or two down the stretch and during the postseason.

 He’s only played 35 minutes, and gone a combined 0 for 12 during the first three games of the Finals. Given how badly the Cavs blew game three, it looks like we’ll only have a game four on Friday, and that’s that for the basketball season.

illini deron williams

Friday night will mercifully end the most boring postseason in the history of American professional sports and with it a Finals series that Williams would love to forget. Again, it really hurts me to do this, because I’m an Illini through and through from a family that’s generations deep in Illini, but some of these tweets ripping Deron Williams are just really funny and very clever.

We couldn’t post all of them, but we posted quite a few- enjoy.

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