Susannah Collins will call the La Tech-UTEP game Saturday



Susannah Collins will call a college football game for CBS Sports on Saturday. This news coincidentally comes out on the exact same day that the Chicago Blackhawks begin the 2013-14 NHL season and raise the banner for their Stanley Cup championship.

And of course, Susannah Collins was unfairly left out of reporting on that title run and experiencing all the bread and circuses that come with it.

You’ll remember her being unjustly terminated in the middle of the night by Comcast SportsNet Chicago  the Chicago Blackhawks for her “the Blackhawks had a tremendous amount of sex” gaffe in the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.

The Hawks have policies in place for how they sell sex to their fans, and how they don’t.


It was an honest mistake by Collins, one she quickly corrected, and it led to a HUGE overreaction by Blackhawks Chairman Rocky Wirtz. It was expected though because the Blackhawks are really big on controlling the message.

From Ed Sherman of the Sherman Report:

Susannah Collins is back to work. She is scheduled to be a sideline reporter for the Louisiana Tech-UTEP game Saturday night on CBS Sports Network.

Sherman goes on to mention that this is a one time gig for now. And we’ll see what happens in the future. However, I would bet that she gets the gig full time; because CBS Creative Director Pete Radovich is a huge fan of Susannah Collins, having worked with her previously at Showtime, a CBS owned property. Collins has also left Chicago and moved back to New York City.

Luke Stuckmeyer will fill the role that Susannah Collins used to have with Comcast SportsNet Chicago during Blackhawks broadcasts. Louisiana Tech versus UTEP isn’t the Rose Bowl by any means, but at least Susannah Collins is no longer relegated to interacting with drunk Chicago sports fan meatheads in bars on the air.

For the Blackhawks season preview, and predictions, involving the national NHL on NBC team go here. Here’s what stands in the way of the Hawks reaching a dynasty. 

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  1. It’s about frigging time. This woman should not have endured what she endured. For me, it’s the one stain on the Blackhawks’ otherwise incredible season. I’m happy for Ms. Collins and wish her nothing but the best. With any luck, some savvy producer will recognize her talent and offer her a full-time position. Personally, I just hope it won’t be the St. Louis Blues or Vancouver Canucks; that would just be rubbing salt in the wound.

  2. Please, more ads!

  3. This was no “stain” on the Hawks. She engaged in questionable behavior–videos containing offensive content of varying degrees–and the exposure of that content embarrassed both the network and the Hawks. She wasn’t fired for her on-air flub. That could be forgotten. The negative exposure of her viral videos is something the Hawks did not want to deal with. Can’t blame them–I watched the videos. I wouldn’t want my business associated with them.

  4. paulmbanks says:

    You make a good case. You have your points, but how did you not know about those videos before the hire? She even used those videos as a reference.

    That’s on the organization, not on her

  5. Oh shut the fuck up and get off your high horse, who the fuck are you to have the audacity to think you can dictate to them who they have to keep as an employee. They’re not obligated to give her a job they can get rid of whoever they want there was nothing unfair about her firing, her past videos brought negative publicity to their company and they decided to let her go which was well within their right. The things she said were offensive to alot of people and obviously that’s bad for business, she made racist anti-semetic and homophobic comments in those stupid videos and they went viral thanks to her inappropriate flub that’s on her not them. It’s pathetic how you’re acting as if she’s your wife getting so butthurt about this and obsessing over the Blackhawks like you have a personal agenda against them stating your assumptions as fact not realizing they could sue you for slander, you can whine like a little bitch and throw a hissyfit ranting and raving that pretentious “fascist PC” rhetoric all you want but no matter how many scrambling excuse making conspiracy theories you come up with it won’t change the fact that she’s fired so get over it and stop crying.

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