Patrick Kane LOOKALIKE gives the middle finger (update)



This comes from Twitter user @MollieScott, who’s tweets are now protected.

By her account, that’s Chicago Blackhawks franchise player and drinking legend Patrick Kane giving the photographer the middle finger at Stanley’s, a Lincoln Park bar that’s famous as a Blackhawks player hang out. (Get it? Stanley’s, Stanley Cup. It works on so many levels!)

(update: she’s wrong. that’s just some guy who really looks exactly like Patrick Kane)

We all know Kaner likes to have a good time; and here he is in full glory as we commence the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Busted Coverage claims Mollie snapped this Friday night after the Blackhawks won their home finale. The Blackhawks finished the season with the President’s Trophy (awarded to the NHL team #1 in final regular season point standings) in hand. And Patrick Kane again wins the President’s Trophy of drunk athlete pictures.


Source: Busted Coverage, Twitter.

Kaner and the Chicago Blackhawks begin the quest for the Stanley Cup in a few hours versus the Minnesota Wild in a #1-#8 seed match-up. That’s been real trouble for the #1 seed in recent hockey history. So let’s hope the trend doesn’t hold for this series.

It appears the exact tweet has been removed. I’m sure Blackhawks media relations are quite happy it’s been taken down! I would have PAID to see the look on Branden Faber’s (head of Blackhawks Media Relations) face this morning when this Twitpic was brought to his attention.

Then again, Patrick Kane being Kaner in party pics is certainly nothing new to the Blackhawks organ-I-zation. The last time this happened, Hawks PR cut off all access to Kane for multiple weeks!!! So, I’m buying a beer for the first Hawks beat writer who asks Kane about this tonight after the game.

You’ve got the Patrick Kane “shirtless driving season” pics from a Vancouver limo ride.


And of course Patrick Kane getting hammered on Cinco de Mayo a couple years ago with some Wisconsin Badgers in Madison.

And the infamous “two fives equals a ten” t-shirt en Espanol slamming the (perceived lack of) attractiveness of the women in his infamous Vancouver picture.

And then of course there’s the Patrick Kane cabbie incident in Buffalo. You have to wonder how long before the Blackhawks front office considers all of this stuff to be “too much baggage” for keeping Kaner in Chicago. Obviously, Patrick Kane is a great player, tremendous offensive weapon and the face of the franchise, so he gets away with a lot.


But how much is too much? In Madison, he allegedly got kicked out of a bar, choked a woman and threw out some Anti-Semitic slurs. There’s only so much damage control a department can do.

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