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By Paul M. Banks

Chicago Blackhawks top scorer Patrick Kane, along with teammate , was recently voted to start for the Western Conference in the NHL All-Star Game on the 25th. Together, the two young forwards serve as poster children for a revitalized franchise that leads the league in attendance and merchandise sales and team that is third in the league in scoring. “Kaner” recently answered questions about this banner season on conference call.

He mentioned fellow Hawks currently flying under the radar. “I would probably have to say Patrick Sharp. With the Blackhawks, you mention names, you always hear about Kane and Toews, Campbell. Duncan Keith goes unnoticed. He is probably one of the biggest underdogs on the team, Sharpy, too. They never seem to get enough recognition, them two. It’s a shame they were not on the All-Star ballot. Duncan made it last year and Sharpy had 36 goals last year and he has 20 already. He’s a great goal scorer and definitely an All-Star in this league. Definitely those two guys are underappreciated,” Kane said.

Although the Hawks have been winning a lot of games lately, they still struggle against their hated rivals, the Stanley Cup Champion, Detroit Red Wings. Kaner spoke about the Wings’ postseason run last year:

“Guys like Zetterberg, Datsyuk; they are so fun to watch. You have a guy like Franzen who is scoring all these goals. It was fun to see a team with so much skill win where in the past it’s been teams like the Ducks who were kind of real physical and had a couple big lines that dominated down low,” Kane said before describing how different his sophomore season in Chicago has been from his rookie year.

“I think last year coming in, you’re just so happy to be in the NHL. Started playing a couple games and you realize the building is empty and you want to do something to try to fill it up. It’s amazing how quickly it’s happened. You look at the team, it’s pretty much been a total 180 from where we were at the beginning of last year. It’s unbelievable. Obviously the credit goes to the players, the management, Dale Tallon, Denis Savard obviously, Joel Quenneville, John McDonough, Rocky Wirtz, guys like that that have really helped turn us around and it’s just fun to be a Blackhawk right now.”

Paul M. Banks is a contributor for and The Washington Times

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  1. Peter Christian says:

    Kane is very exciting to watch that is for sure, but for my money I think Sharp is amazing. In a league where most all players can find the open man it takes a little something special to consistently find the back of the net. I’m glad Kane was quick to give him credit. The Hawks should be in position to start battling the Wings for the Central Division crown by next season

  2. paulmbanks says:

    The Wings are the standard..if Chi’s reclamation project is to be completed, they have to show that they are for real when it comes to playing Detroit- and the last couple meetings have truly shown how far the Hawks have left to go. However, they do have Scotty Bowman, arguably the architect of the Det dynasty, on their side now

  3. paulmbanks says:

    Yes, Sharpy is indeed overlooked. the statistical pace he’s on this season is set to bring him his best year by leaps and bounds. Maybe he can put up numbers just like another Hawk who wore #10, Tony Amonte soon!

  4. Matt Saracen #QB1 says:

    I can’t wait until you have an exclusive with Trent Meacham

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