Chicago Blackhawks vs Minnesota Wild game 3 takeaways



Get ready, I’ve written a Chicago Blackhawks post that’s strictly about hockey today. Actual solid strictly on-the-ice hockey.

I know. I’m scared too.

Well, obviously it’s about the Minnesota Wild too. As they won.

-What’s up with the power play in this series? Or should I say powerless play? Minnesota Wild today: 0-4: series: 0-11 Chicago Blackhawks today: 0-4 series: 1-12

-Am I the only one who thought that the Frolik vs. Falk dust-up was going to blow up into a real fight? I mean Falk only threw Frolik’s head into the boards; that’s uhm, kind of a big deal. Although I’m sure Minnesota Wild fans will read that incident differently.

-Hey, we knew the Minnesota Wild were going to win at least one game. Certainly the Minnesota Wild was going to win one of the contests up in St.Paul. But man that goal celebration song is AWFUL. TERRIBLE. Yeah, I know Chelsea Dagger isn’t exactly a Mozart symphony either. However, our own Bryan Vickroy from “The State of Hockey,” informs me that the terrible goal scoring song in question is Joe Satiri’s “Crowd Chant.” Vickroy even petitioned the Minnesota Wild to install a new song. Kudos good sir!

-You can’t ask Corey Crawford to do it all. How many scoring chances can you give the Minnesota Wild?

-Hey, at least we knew where Patrick Kane was for Cinco de Mayo. He was working; instead of out getting smashed at the University of Wisconsin while wearing a t-shirt advertising that he a had a threesome in Vancouver.


-You should definitely read this column on Blackhawks Ambassador Bobby Hull. VERY eye-opening. I guess Blackhawks owner Rocky Wirtz is giving Minnesota Wild fans way too much material to rip on the Blackhawks organization right now.

-Why are there so many advertisements for Tim Horton’s donuts on the rink walls in Chicago and St. Paul? There no Tim Horton’s in Chicago; I didn’t even know there were any in America. Other than a couple in Michigan. It’s a Canadian thing. Maybe the marketing plan is much more for the television audience (largely Canadian) than it is the in-arena audience. That makes sense.

-Finally, greetings to my new Twitter followers from I’m a big fan of your country. Visited many times. I love Canucks, I just don’t love the Vancouver Canucks. I love your nationall anthem. I dig Alanis Morrissette and Avril Lavigne too.

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