Blackhawks choke on Wings; hey Detroit was going to win 1 at least



Hey, you knew the Detroit Red Wings were going to win one of these games; at least. The Chicago Blackhawks weren’t going to sweep them. This is the Western Conference semi-finals; this is where we separate the wheat from the chafe.

At least Kaner found the net today. It’s kind of important to get Patrick Kane going in these NHL Playoffs.


For more Blackhawks versus Red Wings coverage I turn things over now to Scott King at Chicago Now  “Hawk Crazy” (Isn’t that Mr. T avatar totally awesome??)

Maybe the Blackhawks will wake up after being whacked upside the head by Detroit on Saturday afternoon. They quit at some point in the game and Detroit did not. On a serious note, it’s borderline criminal that Zetterberg wasn’t called for visibly nailing Jonathan Toews in the back of the head in front of the Wing’s goal in the second period.

The refs missed several blatant calls against the Wings on Saturday, but the Blackhawks simply stopped playing. Saturday they underestimated a Detroit team that is still very much in this series. Better hope the Hawks feel like playing to their potential Monday night.

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