Blackhawks hypocrites in selling sex and sexiness



You and I love our hockey. We’re excited about the Chicago Blackhawks playoff game tonight. However, one must separate the product on the ice from the corporate suits managing it. The team is great; they’re kicking butt. The front office?

Well, they’re a condescending bunch of curmudgeons.

The old men at the top of the Blackhawks food chain screwed over two media members that were very close to them in Susannah Collins and Josh Mora. They screwed over a whole boatload of media in 2009 by kicking them out of the press box when the team got good. Why?

Here’s a great quote from ABC 7’s Mark Giangreco explaining what the Blackhawks, and also most high revenue generating pro sports teams do.


It came while he delivered his acceptance speech for the Ring Lardner award, the Heisman Trophy of journalists.

“I think with leagues and teams controlling their product to a point where they have their own television studios, their own cameras, their own reporters, their own websites, pumping out video- a lot of it is propaganda. I think it’s our duty to take a few shots across the bow just to keep ‘em honest.”

“And I’ve had a good time doing it,” he added.

And the Blackhawks Media and Public Relations are anything but honest. They’re COMPLETELY FULL OF IT.

Remember the fire sale after the Stanley Cup run? You should have seen their press releases when Antti Niemi, Adam Burish, Kris Ver Steeg etc. got shipped out of town. It was unintentional comedy. The press release should have been “Burish traded to xyz” or “Goaltender Niemi shipped to…..”

Instead we got “Blackhawks acquire 765th round draft choice from Toronto” or “Blackhawks acquire some slapdick you’ve never heard of”

And these press releases were written about the exact same transaction! The exact same trade.

Their media release emails were totally worthless, because under the John McDonough regime this organization is all lies. Especially when it comes to sex, and selling sex.


So let’s get this all straight:

Susannah Collins gets fired for so-called “racy” videos she made four years ago? Which I watched. They’re not really SFW but they’re not exactly NSFW soft core porn either. They’re really not a big deal. And the Blackhawks fire Susannah Collins over the “sex” in place of “success” flub.


So Susannah is canned for either saying the word sex on air, or for videos she made four years ago that weren’t Puritanical enough for the Blackhawks.


…..Patrick Kane is photographed shirtless, passed out drunk, and wearing a shirt that reads in Spanish: “Two fives equal one ten” with a picture of the mediocre looking women in the shirtless limo pic above. So he’s getting wasted and wearing a shirt ADVERTISING that he had a threesome? Got it.


…..the second person in the shoot-the-puck (the most sophisticated and cleverly named promotion ever) EVERY NIGHT is a bimbo in high heels, tight jeans and a low cut top. And the cameras make sure to capture her bending over to…well, yeah. I got it.

….they have the Hooters waitresses on skates zipping around all the time. The Ice Crew girls in their really short skirts and bare midriffs. That’s fine. Got it.

The Blackhawks are displaying numerous double standards all over the place. Some of these situations are even sexist. Maybe the most offensive is their absurd hypocrisy on selling sex and sexiness.

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports He’s also an author who also contributes regularly to MSN, Fox Sports , Chicago Now, Walter and Yardbarker

Banks has appeared on Comcast SportsNet and the History Channel, as well as Clear Channel, ESPN and CBS radio all over the world. President Barack Obama follows him on Twitter (@PaulMBanks)

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  1. LincolnParkHawksFan says:

    Bang on. I don’t think you need to be so careful in using the word sexist. The Ice Crew is straight up sexist and your analysis on what happened to Collins is right on the mark.

  2. paulmbanks says:

    you’re right the ice crew is sexist. Susannah isn’t allowed to tell a few sex jokes in some videos she made four years ago, but Kaner and “boys will be boys.” totally sexist. granted comparing the franchise player to a reporter is apples to oranges. but it was collins job to be entertaining and humorous. it’s not kane’s job to go be a meatball

  3. ClearTalk says:

    Paul is completely correct, many media members were “fired” by this Hawks Regime. They want propagandists, not reporters. Josh Mora, an excellent reporter, was totally jacked as the article says. No room for truth in Hawkland.

    They use half-nude pubescent girls to skate and prance around the arena to fire up the horny, and then fire Collins. Nothing happened to Kane for boozing and schmoozing and punching cab drivers. Nothing! Helps if you can throw a few goals and assists around the ice. Edzo should say, “Parents, for your youngsters out there–“. Great imaging.

    Hell, virtually nobody would know about Collins’ other four year old videos if they hadn’t made a case of it.

    This unfortunate, low-paid woman has lost her job and her way of making a living over some millionaire team execs’ bizarre “image control”, deciding they can exploit women in one way, their way.

    You can be sure that the Regime cares nothing about what anyone here says as long as the cash rakes in. And the BS line they keep blathering that the Hawks aren’t making huge money is flatly, a lie. But the lemmings will keep paying the ridiculous prices and the Regime will continue to laugh at them and everyone else.

    Foley and Edzo have job security figured out. They suck up to Rocky, McDonough and even, believe it or not Blunk (?) at every opportunity. Everybody’s sick of hearing it except probably the suckees.

  4. paulmbanks says:

    ClearTalk, you may have posted the greatest comment ever in the history of The Sports Bank. That was great!

    Josh Mora really knew his pucks. Whenever I couldn’t identify a guy on the opposing team by sight in the locker room, I always asked him. He truly knew his hockey. He was a very nice guy too.

    And everyone is getting really sick of hearing what great people Rocky, John and Jay are. Yes, they’re great businessman. But they’re certainly not great people.

  5. bob wire says:

    Finallly—someone says the words—Edzo and Foley with the constant “arent they great” refrain for Rocky, McDonut, and Blunk…frankly I find them to be thieves now. Particularly McDonut (former used Rental Car salesman) and Blunk (constant flunky to McDonut at Cubs and Hawks)…My 300 section tickets were 34 dollars when I bought them in 07, now they’re 65 and going up next year…outright thievery, because now its become the North Shore Hawks.

    Bobby Hull and Kaner need to go if the same logic is applied as to why Collins went. And Foley and Edzo (won half a million with his gambling addiction Saturday) need to stuff their homerism for the Executives. Foley sounds foolish now and Edzo has no need to do this anymore. Notice not a word from either of them about Collins, like “wish her well” or “good luck”…typical of that Industry when one leaves, its like they dissapear. Giangreco was right on with his comment about sports teams now owning the complete messaging of the team. Shameful and frankly borders on Pravda like.

  6. Steve-o says:

    Get your facts right, the Blackhawks didn’t fire Susannah Collins, Comcast SportsNet did!

  7. The Blackhawks are not hypocrites at all, and this post is hardly what I call journalism. Senior management sat Kane down and told him his behavior was unacceptable, and he did in fact clean up his act in 2013. Not to mention he is still a kid himself. He was 21 when they first won the Cup and fame is difficult to deal with at any age.

    Collins was fired by Comcast, not the Hawks. The Hawks did express their displeasure with Collins previous work, which included some videos that many employers would be uncomfortable with. If all she had done was flub the on-air comment it would have been a non-issue. Instead her questionable work went viral and embarrassed the network and the Hawks. Don’t do stupid stuff on film in the Internet age if you want to keep your job.

    The Ice Girls are the functional equivalent of cheerleaders. All teams have them. Sex sells? So what. All businesses use it to sell their products, everything from beer to cars. The shoot-the-puck features a boy, a man, and the hot girl. They all bend over to shoot the puck.

    Feel free to write some journalistic integrity in the future. I won’t hold my breath, though.

  8. I really like it when folks come together and share views.

    Great blog, continue the good work!

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