Blackhawks intro CGI video is really cool



These keep getting better every year. The Chicago Blackhawks introduction videos. The “hit the ice” videos that show Blackhawks players in Chicago CGIed into a Chicago landscape. With very dramatic music. I loved that this year’s Blackhawks video includes the Chicago Board of Trade/Options Exchange. They can ditch the Bluesmobile from the vid though. The extreme over-association of Chicago with the Blues Brothers has gone on long enough.

Oh, and any association of the city with Jim Belushi needs to be terminated effectively. If Belushi was publicly silenced immediately- not soon enough. Anyways, i saw this Blackhawks video in person for the first time last night; as this was my first Blackhawks hockey game I’ve been to in three or four years. It’s unfortunate that they lost to the St. Louis Blues 4-3 in a shootout.

And it helps to rekindle my interest- I need something to write about when college basketball ends! And college football spring practice is…..uhm no, I’m not going to be going too intense on that.

The best Blackhawks blog I’ve started following is Hawk Crazy 

The pictures on that site are amazing. Always great photo galleries, check out Hawk Crazy on Facebook and Twitter


One thing I picked up on this video is the Coach Quenneville “media session” snippet, there’s only three microphones present under Coach Q: WGN TV, WGN Radio and Comcast SportsNet. The Blackhawks three broadcast partners. Of course! That’s pretty much the only people the Blackhawks Media Relations will actually let in to cover games!

That department of the Blackhawks truly takes propaganda and public message manipulation to Stalinist levels.

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