Bikini Hockey League begins in May (video)

bikini hockey league

Hockey has had 4 work stoppages in the past 20 years. But here’s an NHL alternative, of sorts, which has never had a lockout, the Bikini Hockey League. Move over Lingerie Football League. If you need hockey, and this record Chicago Blackhawks hot streak isn’t enough for you, there’s always the Bikini Hockey League. If you look closely at the picture it seems like both of the girls on the ends have “front tramp stamps” going on. I would expect nothing less.

[Bikini Hockey League]

Check out the Bikini Hockey League Media Day video, as well as the league’s teaser video after the jump

2013 is the second year for the  Bikini Hockey League. The Bikini Hockey League features the best in women’s hockey. The 2013 season begins May 27,  in Tulsa OK .

The Bikini Hockey League gives women hockey players the opportunity to continue playing after their college careers. The Bikini Hockey League hopes to fill the void of traditional winter sports with our summer hockey league. The Bikini Hockey League’s number one goal is  to continue to introduce the game of hockey to many new fans.

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