Jurgen Klopp Uncharacteristically Calm After Goalless Draw



Whether you love Liverpool FC, hate them, feel ambivalent or lack a strong opinion on them, you must admit that they are extremely fun to watch. They have produced, arguably, the most entertaining football of anyone in the Premier League this season, and despite some sputtering in the attack very early on. Manager Jurgen Klopp course corrected when the season was still quite young and it led to a Liverpool scoring explosion.

The Reds’ high flying attack led them to the top of the table temporarily, until they dropped two points this past weekend.


Their result was a surprising goalless draw with Southampton, i.e. their “farm club” as football observers like to note, due to all the Saints who have become Reds since 2014. The side of Jurgen Klopp played a game that was less exciting than usual, and then found themselves surpassed by Chelsea the next day at the top of the table.

Klopp, known for being very INTENSE and often EMOTIONAL, was rather calm about LFC’s misfiring. His postgame reaction was rather chillax, especially so by his HIGH ENERGY standards.

“There is nothing to moan about,” Jurgen Klopp said.

“You can’t ask them, ‘come on, give us a little more space or something?’

“Before the season we had to work on this, and that is what I meant when I say we are happy with the performance against Southampton, because again we did well.

“It isn’t a game where you have 20 chances, we had four or five. That is more than enough, especially how big those chances were.”

 jurgen klopp

“I don’t care about what people say about it because when you only look at the numbers and you see 14 goals conceded then that is obviously too much for a team like this,” he added.

“But look how we conceded those goals. It was a thing we spoke about with set-pieces because three goals we conceded are from set-pieces — well, in my analysis afterwards they were offside but nobody spoke about it, just that we have a problem with set-pieces.

“We always need to be cool with it, we have to work, improve, we know this. But we are able to defend. We are not weak in defending. If somebody wants to say that then do it, but I know we aren’t.”

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