VIDEO: Everton G, U.S. Natl Hero Tim Howard gets call from Obama


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Tim Howard is probably the best goalkeeper in the Premier League. The Everton stopper from New Jersey, USA might actually be the best keeper in the world; period. He’s certainly the most talked about footballer on Earth at the moment. And for good reason.

He set a new World Cup record – and almost helped America reach the quarter-finals of the competition for the first time in 12 years. He has since received a congratulatory telephone call from president Barack Obama and seen a petition for his name to adorn an airport in Washington begin online.

Watch below as Barack Obama calls Tim Howard to congratulate him. Oh and Happy Independence Day by the way.

His performance was so special that one hard core USNT fan (probably as hard core as the kid who got this Tim Howard haircut that you see pictured above and below) changed Howard’s entry on Wikipedia. It made him the U.S. Secretary of Defense. Donald Rumsfeld eat your heart out!

The position is actually currently held by Chuck Hagel. (I made the Rumsfled joke because he’s the only SecDef that most people have really heard of) The very next day Hagel called Howard to congratulate him on a fine performance. Here’s what he said. 

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