Wayne Rooney signs £300k a week deal; richest contract in history



Wayne Rooney in Old Trafford for the long term? Manchester United and Wayne Rooney have come to terms on a contract extension that will give the 28 year old striker the richest contract in English football history.

Wayne Rooney will sign for £300k a week reports The Telegraph, and numerous other sources.

Well, this obviously ends speculation that he would move on to Chelsea, once and for all. You saw The Sun’s backpage with the ALL CAPS headline: “Wayne Rooney signs for life.” It’s supposedly a five and a half year deal which signs him until 2019 with the Red Devils.


United and Rooney have come to basic agreement on what the deal will be; but it isn’t signed yet. All the major points of contention have been worked out, but the fine print still needs to be resolved. It is thought that the signature will happen soon.

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  1. Wyne rooney hv come to an end of his deperture switch to chelsea and known he hv sign a new long term contract untill 2019. And utd known are planning to sign tony kroos 4rm alians arena champion with fernando 4rom fc potor which will be vry fantastic players to utd if they are willing to sign them be fore friday night.

  2. Two more midfield signs on top of Juan Mata and Wayne Rooney will take ManU back to title contention no doubt. There’s still lack of confidence in the team when under pressure. Hope D Moyes has a pleasant surprise for us up his sleeve come Friday

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