Transfer Rumors: Three Players Who Could Leave Man United This Summer


A January transfer window with no real excitement at all just ended, and thus it’s never too early to talk summer transfer rumors. On Tuesday, Manchester United Manager Jose Mourinho explained why none of the big six teams went out and beefed up their rosters, before adding that he plans for the summer.

Mourinho said he knows what he wants once the real transfer window gets here and everyone knows it’s Antoine Griezmann. That’s no secret, and we covered that one already in detail over at this link.

That’s who is likely coming, as United are confident they’ll get a deal done, but what about going the other way? Who might be exiting Old Trafford?

Here are three Man United players who could be gone come summer time.

Wayne Rooney

He just passed up Sir Bobby Charlton for the scoring record, and he’s had as about as storied a Man United career as anyone could have ever hoped for. He’s a living legend who’s soared to unimaginable heights. He’s an all-timer, who’s already had his Testimonial match.

In 2017, Rooney is way past his prime, aging poorly at 31, overpaid and dropping in production. With just five goals in 28 appearances this season, he’s kind of like the Queen of England, a figurehead who doesn’t really do much of actual practical value.

It’s time for him to move on.

Bastian Schweinsteiger

The former German National Team Captain and the very first player from Deutchsland to score in a United shirt is now considered a viable option. It only took seven months into the Mourinho era for that to happen, as Schweinsteiger will now be named to the Europa League squads.

However, that’s really only to showcase what he still brings to the table these days, and to impress potential buyers.


Ashley Young 

There was a time when Young was considered a big part of the Red Devils future as his skills and pace impressed club leadership. That’s ancient history now. It was actually kind of surprising that he stayed beyond January. Perhaps they didn’t find the right buyer.

You might think that Anthony Martial and Marcus Rashford belong on this list, but I just don’t think that will happen right now. Both are young and have displayed brilliance at times, and eventually Mourinho should be able to find a place for both.

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  1. Am very happy signing of van gaa nd I still blieve dat b4 d transfer shutdown he will make more signings

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