Sir Alex Ferguson will not manage United should Moyes be sacked


There’s been plenty of rumors that Sir Alex Ferguson would come back to manage Manchester United should the club sack his hand picked successor David Moyes. And SAF would like to put that idea to bed. According to the Daily Mirror, there is no way Sir Alex Ferguson will come out of retirement to manager the club again.

Not under any circumstances.

Quoting the Mirror piece:

A United source said: “There is no chance that Sir Alex will return as manager.

“He remains fully behind David Moyes and is always there should the manager want to seek his advice.

“Sir Alex is enjoying his retirement.”

It’s understandable why this idea is being kicked around. The legend of all legendary football managers is 72 years old, but he can still go. And David Moyes backlash isg growing stronger by the hour.
The Mirror also reported that United are looking at life after Moyes already. Warren Barton and Eric Wynalda had a funny joke at Moyes expense. Then there’s the angry United fan who got this anti-Moyes tattoo. And ESPN FC drafted a list of five top candidates to replace him.
Sir Alex Ferguson is enjoying life with his two jobs as United Team Ambassador and his new coaching role with UEFA.

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