Sir Alex Ferguson book elaborates on split with David Beckham



The famous soccer player in the world, David Beckham was driven out of the most famous soccer club in the world, Manchester United, by the sport’s most legendary Manager, Sir Alex Ferguson.

The final wedge was the most upper class member Posh Spice, of the late 90s most popular musical act, the Spice Girls.

David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson didn’t see to eye while the two worked together in Old Trafford- that’s not news. What is news is just how much the two football legends didn’t get along in their Manchester United days.

And why David Beckham had to go. Everyone was excited to read Sir Alex Ferguson “My Autobiography” (See who else gets ripped by Fergie by going here) leased yesterday, but few had any idea that David Beckham would get eviscerated in its pages on this level.


Fergie signed David Beckham as a teenager and brought him to Manchester United and served as a father figure of sorts to Beckham. In his book, Ferguson details that Becks was more interested in fame off the pitch than in becoming a member of the Man U pantheon of players. Sir Alex revealed that the David Beckham transfer to Real Madrid in 2003 was about more than soccer.

“The minute a Manchester United player thought he was bigger than the manager, he had to go. “David thought he was bigger than Alex Ferguson. That was the death knell for him,” Fergie wrote in the quick to be best-selling tome.

victoria-beckham-david beckham

Then David Beckham married Victoria Adams, or “Posh Spice,” from the pop group the Spice Girls which took the English speaking world by storm from 1997-1999.

The glitz and glamor that with the lifestyle of David Beckham and his new wife was too much for Fergson, who had already not approved of how David Beckham conducted himself off the field.

“David was the only player I managed who chose to be famous, who made it his mission to be known outside the game. I felt uncomfortable with the celebrity aspect of his life.” Sir Alex wrote.

In a press conference on Tuesday to launch his book, Ferguson added: “He fell in love with Victoria – that changed everything.”


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