Manchester United Starting XI Prediction vs FC Rostov (Europa League)



Manchester United are looking to continue their UEFA Europa League run to the round of 8 as they host FC Rostov in the second leg of this round of 16 tie. It transpires Thursday night, and here is the link to the injury report for this match.

Given how things have shaped out for United the league, and also the weakness of the UEL field, it appears that winning the Europa is the more likely and hence better route into the UEFA Champions League for United.

Here’s the link to the Jose Mourinho and Marouane Fellaini press conference previewing this match.

jose mourinho

However, the number one topic of this session was Paul Pogba. This presser will forever go down as the “he does not give an ass what people say” press conference. Mourinho also added: “I feel the world is losing balance. Envy coming to certain levels. I am scared for the next generation.” (full story at this link)

Here’s The Sports Bank’s Man United starting XI projection vs Rostov:

Attack:  Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Attacking Midfield:    Henrikh Mkhitaryan, Juan Mata, Jesse Lingard

Midfield:  Marouane Fellaini,  Paul Pogba

Defense:   Ashley Young, Marcos Rojo, Chris Smalling, Matteo Darmian

Goalkeeper: David de Gea

An interesting bit of Jose Mourinho, Man United news on this the day before the match. The CEO of Bayern Munich made comments today saying that he agrees with Mourinho about how tough it is to sign the best players in the world. He also rated United as one of the top four destination clubs in the world. 

Match Odds, (via

Manchester United 1/4     draw 51/10      Rostov 16/1

Prediction: Man United 1, Rostov  0

As always, feel free to post your own Man United starting XI in the comments section below. And of course speak your mind on the formations and Man United starting XI s that you’ve already seen online.

Enjoy the match!

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  1. Lets test this line-up assuming the players are fit to play.
    Romero- GK
    Darmian, Jones, Blind, Rojo/Shaw.
    Lingard,Rashford, Martial.
    Bench – Mata, Rooney,Memphis,Valencia,Zlata and De Gae.

  2. Manu to win by 2:0

  3. I beg Mourinho; Why cant you leave this cup to Romero in goals.

    De Gea’s team usually doesnt ballance up for 2 main reasons. Is he a good at diving? Yes! But he is a line goal keeper who isn’t proactive when the ball comes n so ONLY WAITS FOR DANGER TO COME N SAVE. Sergio isn’t. He swips the ball away before there is need to dive. In this case Sergio needs not to dive any how.
    De Gea isn’t a good passer. Once he grabs the ball the next person to have it has less chances to b a man u player. He plays into the wind.
    But Romero kneatly passes to his players; creating a better possation rate n a better build up rate, hence giving more confidence to a structured build up to good goals. With De Gea it all happens by chance

    I really don’t understand why De Gea always finishes off the great works of Romero.

    Sergio Romero hasn’t ever lost a game that av watched. If its a draw, then the front line didn’t do their work right. By far, I think Romero is better than De Gea. I wish Romero finishes this cup by himself. He has a perfect record.

  4. Mourinho, we love u! But in goals. chose the better man that dives less n works with the deffence more. N that man is not De Gea.

    Don’t change Romeros styles to be like De Gea in the same way a goalkeeper coach confused our best goal man, Lindgard. Lindgard was also better than De Gea on record until a coach changed his beautiful personal strength into a De Gea assimilant. Sell De Gea n you will see how good Romero is.

    Use fast wingers like Lingaard n Rasford. But train them how to cross bend the ball right. These 2 have a better future than you thought. They won’t show it unless you give them chance.

    Fellaine holds the ball, yes, but he isn’t a good ball winner, less pressing n just average good at the game.

  5. Mid front you need a pressing baller like Hazzard. When hazzard has the ball all united suppotters go quiet.

    Mkhitarian on a good day is ok. Matta was such a man until of late. However, Mata is short. Please condider buying pressing players. The last of which was Di Maria n Nani.

    When the team has possassion in the opponets half for longer than five minutes. bring the ball back. use ur diffenders to play around with it for a moment to give chance for your oppenents to open up n catch them on the break

  6. Anonymous says:

    came on fellaini is neither a good or bad footballer. he is actually not a footballer maybe a medical docter!

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