450,000 unlike Man United’s Facebook page after Liverpool loss



Man United has 660,000,000 million fans; according to the latest surveys. At least the surveys discussed by Man United icon and official team Ambassador “Captain Marvel” Bryan Robson. United is probably the world’s most famous/beloved sports team. They are the biggest of brands when it comes to sports franchises. They have a billion dollar (that’s billion with a “B”) apparel deal with Nike).

It stands to reason that when you have a number of supporters that high; the largest amount of fanatics for any sports team in the entire world, that things like this will happen.


Yes, a lot of these Man United “fans,” aren’t fans at all. They’re just fair-weather front-running band-wagon jumpers. They’re diletantes; tourists. You can’t have a fan base that large and not draw in the wish-washy. We haven’t confirmed this as of yet. But given the huge rivalry that exists between Man United and Liverpool, the awful debut season that David Moyes is having since taking over the Premier League side, and just what a train wreck the “biggest match of the year” truly was, it doesn’t surprise me one bit.

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  1. great stuff, thats nearly half a million less idiots to chat rubbish!

  2. i just think they r out for some time,but the truth and aplain truth it has been and stil it is hard to support united at this far even me,my patients has worned out.

  3. Edward Rothnie says:

    David Moyes big mistake was getting id of Fergies back room staff . Phill Neville sits with his hands in his pockets with no go about hm whatoever.Show a bit of interest Phill please.

  4. I believe this is the best thing that could happen to Moyes in order to get rid of the Alex Ferguson shadow in the first year! Now any and all success will be credited to him and not Ferguson. He has a good group of young Players who once they get used to his system, he recognizes their strengths and use them accordingly, they will play as the Champions they are. Time is the key. It calls for true Fans to not give up and keep cheering them on. I still believe they will close this season very strong. Lets not forget that most of these players will be representing their own Country in June, and it might be a reason for some of them to be cautious when playing, in order not to get hurt and miss the 2014 World Cup in Brazil!

  5. Gary Foster says:

    660,000,000 million? Wouldn’t that be 660 trillion? Doesn’t seem possible in a world of billions.

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