Jose Mourinho Throws Shade at Football Association, Arsene Wenger Yet Again


jose mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho does not hold back.

At all.

Earlier this week he trashed the powers that be in regards to making the schedule not once, but twice. He also ripped the people criticizing Paul Pogba. However, Arsene Wenger has always been one of his favorite targets, and today Mourinho went after him again. In doing so, he also lambasted the Football Association, another frequent target of past Mourinho ire.


“I’m still a very happy man, capable of being emotional with a special victory. In that aspect I continue to be the same but I also understand with experience that I continue to be looked at with different eyes,” Mourinho said in an interview conducted by SIC, which has since been transcribed and published in several newspapers.”

“I was banned from entering a stadium, where my team was playing, not even with a purchased ticket. This year I was sent off for kicking a plastic bottle, another coach for pushing a ref, nothing happens.”

“I started to understand that there are powers that you cannot fight against. This is also a life lesson, an unfair lesson, but nevertheless a life lesson.”


As long as the two men are managing in the same league, the acrimony between Wenger and Mourinho will continue. They have a long running feud which has been entertaining to football observers worldwide.

Additionally, as long as Mourinho keeps racking up infractions, the Football Association will always be a frequent target of his outrage.

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