Jose Mourinho Says United Supporters Must Realize Team is “in trouble”


Manchester United suffered an embarrassing draw at home versus Swansea City today, and Manager Jose Mourinho called out the supporters for not doing more. The tenth tie at home this season made Old Trafford a bit of an unfortunate trending term social media early Sunday. Once again United dropped points at home against a side much lower in the table.

This time it was versus a relegation zone team. Of course, United are ravaged by injuries, and they’ll face another, now further exacerbated, fitness crisis against Celta Vigo in the Europa League semi-final on Thursday.

If United advance to the Europa League final, their workload on the season would end up an astounding 64 matches. Having stayed alive in four different competitions most of the season, and much of the season in three has certainly taken its toll on the Red Devils.

Mourinho was asked on Sunday whether or not he believes the supporters realize just how much his team is struggling right now, as the extreme workload has left in place a side ravaged by injuries.

“Did the supporters know it?” Mourinho responded. “Because if they know it, and they think about it, they would be more supportive of the players who give everything, deserve everything and are at their limits.”

“The team is in trouble, the boys are in trouble. But when you give everything I cannot demand more. I’m not happy with the result. I’m very happy with the boys.”

“I always think we are responsible for the fans’ participation in the game. It’s our responsibility.”

So there you go, the team is “in trouble” and Mourinho is asking the supporters to realize this and cut them slack. The Portugese knows very well how important is to have a tremendous supporters base and presence. Here’s what he said heading into the home clash with arch-rival Liverpool in January.

“If we play well and enthusiastically, the fans come on to the pitch. When we don’t play so well, and not with emotion and intensity, it’s normal for the fans to relax a bit.”

“We have amazing fans. When we were not good, they were behind us, pushing us, supporting us.”

“What I feel is that Sunday is a special match for us, a special match for Manchester United fans. Don’t come to the theatre — come to play with us.”


United are now undefeated in their last 25 Premier League games, a club record, but still reside in 5th due to way too many of those results being draws and not wins.

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