Man United leadership fails to grant David Moyes a vote of confidence



The dreaded vote of confidence. You know what it usually means. No one wants to be given a vote of confidence any more these days, because of what usually follows in that situation. Sounds counter-intuitive but it’s true.

David Moyes will not get a vote of confidence from the Glazers or the Manchester United board.

From the Guardian:

“Moyes retains the backing of Manchester United’s owners for now and there are no plans to issue a vote of confidence in the manager. While the club’s executives acknowledge that the manner of Tuesday night’s 3-0 defeat by Manchester City at Old Trafford was not acceptable, it is felt there is no need to back the Scot publicly and that it would be contrary to how the club conduct their affairs.”

Right, exactly. What about issuing Moyes a vote of no confidence? Will Moyes really last the summer? If she survives the season should be allowed to spend all that money to completely reshape the team?

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