Man United, David Moyes Add More Players to Shopping List



With his current team massively underperforming, David Moyes is sending many of his talent scouts to all corners of the globe in the hope he can find even more players to add to his wish list. This summer he can add and remove players and one particular player drawing his attention is Juan Bernat.

Bernat is currently playing Left Back for Valencia, however David Moyes and United do face an uphill struggle to secure him, as a potential new owner for the club may step in and scupper any deal if he finally gets his way and takes control of Valencia.

You may be blissfully unaware of the multi talented Juan Bernat, he originally started as a Winger, however it was his switch to playing Left Back that brought an amazing increase in form and he is currently playing at the top of his game.

Another player that Manchester United are taking a great interest in is Southampton’s Luke Shaw, however Chelsea have been taking a keen interest in securing him and as is often the case in soccer it is the team who have the deepest pockets who always get their man, and with United transfer budget likely to be stretched as far as it can be, Chelsea may get Shaw by outbidding United. If you are a sports betting person I would place the bet on Chelsea to win the premiership but I wouldn’t say that is my favourite team.

Another player that has come to United’s attention in Spain is Antoine Griezmann, a Winger for Real Sociedad. Having hit the back of the net 15 times so far, he is an obvious talent. If the price is right we doubt Real Sociedad will be able to refuse an offer!


Griezmann would appear to have his own unique set of playing talents and skills that are solely lacking in the current United team make up, and David Moyes really does need to get things right as soon as possible. His team’s current form is so sadly lacking that even the most loyal United fans are beginning to ask questions about his team management abilities.

The powers that be at United however keep their faith in David Moyes. Having just started what is hoped to be a full six year minimum term at Old Trafford, they are giving him the legroom to maneuver and plenty of time to transition from the legendary character of Sir Alex Ferguson. Fergie, with all his supposed faults, certainly knew how to put together a winner each season!

Let’s see how things pan out during the summer transfer window, and once having secured his new team, then we’ll line up all of the current United doomsayers. They will either be proven correct or may have to eat humble pie. The next few matches will certainly be an interesting time to be a fly on the wall in the directors box!

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