Football pundits explain why David Moyes should be sacked



Former AC Milan goalkeeper Zeljko Kalac: “Look, if I was a Man United supporter and was running the club, I’d say he’s definitely out. Because a club of that size, that magnitude and that support can’t have failure like that.”

David Moyes

Robbie Savage of The Mirror: “With heavy heart, but few alternatives, I’ve changed my mind about David Moyes.

“Moyes looks a pale, frightened man consumed by the pressure. I’m at the point now where I believe the job is too much for him. When my 10-year-old boy asks why Juan Mata is playing on the right and Marouane Fellaini on the left, and I have to tell him that I’ve no idea, something is badly wrong.

“United didn’t spend £65m on those two players to use them in a formation so alien to their talents, so what is the point of giving their manager another £200m in the summer if there is no clear purpose behind the spree?”


Aston Villa Manager Paul Lambert takes a different outlook:

“Some of the criticism is way over top.

“He has a huge job – and it’s not as if he is standing there feeling good – he’s fuming like anyone else.

“For him to receive that level of criticism is not nice. Flying a plane over stadium saying he’s not wanted is a bit extreme.

“I fully expect him to remain Manchester United boss.”

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  1. Daithi Ryan says:

    David Moyes reminds me a hell of a lot of my club’s ex-manager of few years ago, Mick McCarthy.
    Using Fellaini and Mata in positions they are not best at playing is exactly what McCarthy used to do at Wolves … and look what happened to him!
    Moyes has bitten off more than he can chew with the club far, far bigger than he imagined. The players are much greater in stature than he has ever managed before and the expectation of United fans has poured so much pressure on him, all he can do after yet another defeat is blame the referee, the bad luck or ‘it was my fault’ quote!
    He would do everyone a favour, by resigning asap and letting an experienced, trophy winning manager take over before the club ‘does a Liverpool’ and spends the future years in the doldrums and not winning a damn thing!
    The right man for the job is … Jurgen Klopp of Borussia Dortmund!
    Winner of the Bundesliga, Champions League finalists and a manager who has the same level of passion for the game as Sir Alex AND gets his teams to play attractive, positive football and not the slow, slow, pass it sideways and backwards game that Moyes has his teams play!
    The Glazers are mysteriously quiet, which I cannot understand as their ‘investment’ is losing capital each and every day while the interest payments remain the same.
    With United out of the CL next season and more than likely out of Europe as well, finances will be taking a hefty hit, something surely even the Glazers cannot tolerate for much longer?

  2. In the know says:

    Moyes is a dead man walking he’s lost support of large chunks of supporters and when the money cow which is Man United stops paying the solid support of the board and owners will fall away like quick sand from under a Moyes feet and he will take a fall into oblivion. Hope he feels being the chosen one for a season was worth killing your career for doubt it tjo

  3. Moyes dont have anything good withing him. Only confusion tactics he knows. Moyes are not destiny to succed at man u maybe qpr wba and stoke. Moyes out for you know you wrong one.

  4. As soon as I heard that David Moyes was going to be the new Manchester United manager I thought it was the biggest mistake that the club had made in 30 years. I thought his appointment was very strange bearing in mind that he had never won anything in the EPL. We all know that he was chosen by Sir Alex. However Fergie made a mistake as Moyes has shown he is not the right man for this job. He has taken champions and turned them into chumps.

    Manchester United are not just a mid table team with a mid table manager. I was hoping that Moyes would do the right thing and resign but it looks like his ego won’t let him.

    I am very surprised by the owners who have been too quite, the longer they keep Moyes the worse the situation will become. The board have to sack Moyes now before he totally kills the name of Manchester United. In the end it will be a business choice as Moyes is losing the club millions upon millions. He has already lost the dressing room respect has to be earned and you can only do that by playing beautiful football and winning things which will never happen under negative dull Moyes. Moyes Out NOW !

  5. Itafinel Nelson says:

    From the first time i hear the name david moyes i was not happy. Becouse moyes was at everton for good eleven years he could not win one trophy. So man utd job is biger than him, imagine using mata at the right. Please glazer should act fast.

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