Has the David Moyes era been a total disaster for United?



The 4-1 defeat Manchester United suffered to City in the Manchester Derby was as bad or worse than any loss David Moyes suffered in his many years leading Everton. Don’t take my word for it, he said it himself.

“I’ve been here many times with Everton and don’t think I’ve suffered a defeat like this with Everton in my time,” David Moyes said.

Ok so that match was a disaster, but what about the entire decision to bring him to Old Trafford? Was that a huge mistake? Should United have gone with Jose Mourinho instead? Who supposedly cried when he was rejected for the United job.

Should Sir Alex Ferguson, who held down the post 1986-2012 come back? Why did he recommend David Moyes in the first place? I’ve already heard plenty of Fergie conspiracy theories on this one. But why has the Moyes transition been so difficult?

Here are some complaints and gripes fans and media have had about David Moyes thus far. Granted his regime is new and his tenure has been short.


-failing to use Kagawa properly or creatively, and in the proper midfield role

-playing a weak first 11

-being a major reason that United didn’t sign anyone within the transfer window. Supposedly he was not an attraction for new players

-displaying poor tactician skills, bad substitutions

-using a diminishing in talent Ashley Young in place of an emerging Luis Nani

-being suitable for Everton, a side with much lower pressure and expectations than United. Moreover, Man U faithful and insiders see David Moyes as basically in over his head with this job

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