Angry United fan calls David Moyes “biggest fool in Manchester” (VIDEO)



Remember our friend Ray, the Manchester United supporter from St. Patrick’s Day? The David Moyes basher who’s video went viral? Ray, speaking to YouTube channel Full Time Devils, said Moyes “doesn’t have a Scooby Doo what he’s doing” and consistently referred to the team as “Bobbins.”

Now it’s made Manchester United the example sentence for the term “Bobbins” on Urban Dictionary. And now we have another United fan who’s just as entertaining, if not better than Ray.

This fan, unnamed, calls David Moyes the ‘biggest fool in Manchester’ – ahead of April Fools’ Day next week.

This guy is angry over United’s dismal showing at home in the Manchester Derby; in which they were walloped three-nil by their local rivals. Ray was reacting to the three-nil blowout from their most acrimonious of rivals, Liverpool. Noticing a trend here? Full Time Devils is a brand new YouTube channel by United fans, for United fans, and there’s plenty of videos like this present. Lots of fans ripping David Moyes.

Not a whole lot of David Moyes love.

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