Ronaldo Believes Mourinho will Turn Manchester United Around


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During his Manchester United days, Cristiano Ronaldo was often “hazed” by his teammates over certain traits that he possessed. One of which was his tendency to wear extremely tight jeans. Yes, Ronaldo was a so-called “metrosexual” long before the term existed, and he was an advocate of skinny jeans well ahead of the clothing articles becoming trendy in the mainstream.

Maybe CR7’s thinking will be cutting edge, ahead of the curve once again. There have been many mixed opinions on the hiring of Jose Mourinho in the footballer and coaching world.  

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Mourinho to Manchester United has drawn an even more mixed bag of opinions from the media world, and the term “mixed bag” could be an euphemism for something less pleasant. There haven’t been a ton of exceedingly positive opinions expressed on this deal, still yet to become official, but essentially “done.”

For optimism on the Mou hire, we turn to Ronaldo.

Ronaldo told La Sexta TV station in an interview reported by AS:

“I think it’s good. If it’s something United wanted, I think it’s good.”

“I hope Manchester United get back to being what they were because it’s an impressive club but, in the last years, they lacked an identity a bit.”

“And it hurts me seeing United like that because it’s a club that I carry in my heart. I wish Mourinho can carry them back to the top.”


Perhaps Ronaldo will be in front of opinion, and proven correct in the long term again here. Of course, this interview also included some discussion of his future, as there’s been never ending speculation about his one day potentially returning to Old Trafford. 

Not going to happen, at least not now.

“Right now, yes, I am happy and I want to stay at this club. I don’t see any other club that is better than Real Madrid. So all other clubs can forget about me because Real Madrid is the best.”

Ronaldo gave an optimistic take on Mourinho, essentially bestowing high praise upon him, in spite of the major differences he had with The Special One in the past. He says that he has now moved well past all of that.

cristiano ronaldo

“One has to know how to forgive. We have had our problems, as one does with one’s wife or son, that is part of life. But I would have no problem in returning to work for him again.”

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