Possibility of Sir Alex Ferguson coming out of retirement?



Article on Alex Ferguson by Mansur Abubakar.

After the 2-1 home defeat by West Brom (who haven’t won at Old Trafford since 1978) many fans took to social media and online football forums pleading with the man who took the club to the pinnacle of successes to reconsider his decision and save their season before it’s too late, with some even suggesting David Moyes to be Assistant Manager to Alex Ferguson for the next two to really master “the fergie way” before finally handing over to him since he is his preferred successor.

Manchester United have lost three of their six opening games this premier league season and have only amassed only seven points to record the lowest haul by any United team since the early days of Ferguson when his 89/90 group equaled the aforementioned tally.

This is the club’s worst start in 24 years and it seems David Moyes’ honeymoon period has ended already with a large section of the Old Trafford faithful already calling on him to be axed from one of the most prestigious jobs in world football.

Moyes has endured a terrible week after united fall to back to back defeats by Manchester City and West Brom and with the club now placed 12th on the league table; it’s understandable that some of the fans are getting agitated.

The Manager admits that he is worried by United’s results, with his side having failed to score a single Premier League from goal from open play since the opening day win at Swansea.


The atmosphere was a lot different when Alex Ferguson took over the helm of affairs from Peter Shreeves in 1986, he admitted himself that football wasn’t as dominant as it is today and the fans were less demanding, that was why he kept his job even though it took him five years to win his trophy. United fans have tasted success like never before during Ferguson’s reign and wouldn’t tolerate any a lesser service at the end of a season.

Many fans are beginning to question Moyes’ tactical ingenuity especially as it affects his starting line-ups and lack of rightful substitutions that will alter the shape of a game that seem to be drifting away, some of the usual complains from the Old Trafford Faithful include his continued usage of an off form Ashley Young ahead of Luis Nani who is more attacking minded and creates more trouble for opposition defenders, overlooking Japan International, Shinji Kagawa for the creative midfield role(which suits him well) instead playing with two holding natural holding midfielders in Michael Carrick and Belgian international Maroune Fellaini.

Other fans complains include lack of playing time for a natural goal poacher, Javier Hernandez aka Chicharito whose goal ratio betters that of Robin Van Persie, Wayne Rooney and Luis Suarez choosing to play Danny Welbeck instead not forgetting Valencia and defensive issues

Mansur Abubakar

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  1. The writing is massive Mr Moyes. You ar such a huge disappointment. What the hell are you triying to offer?? you ar lways with the players 24/7 but you fal to make any tactical sense, thats ridiculous by any standard!!! You mean your crueless Felani will hve any impact on the team? pls sae us. Youbetter quito or else i smell back lush big time!!!!!! The article above is clear and well elobrative , what else do we need????

  2. ian feetham says:

    What else do we need?—- someone to speak English so we can understand.

  3. First , I think moyes did not no that united fans all over d world cannot wait for three year without carry trophy. Secondly, Moyes cannot make any improvement until he discover him self, moyes didn’t need to change kagawa and put januzj in the starting of second half. You made a mistake again man city and you repeat the mistake again WBA. I tink sir Alex should come back for next two year.

  4. Moyes is not good enough for MU , I ‘am sure Rayen Giss would do better as a manager with assistant schol

  5. Oboli Rufus says:

    I think sir alex did this in order to drag the club back to mid table were we were when he took over,imposing unripe mid table manager on us.moyes has shown us that he is not capable of this job in time,why moyes at the first instance why we have thausands of better managers around.i used to support moyes but this defensive game of his,i don’t think i still do,and that is the reason why he refuse to see the creativity in kagawa,somebody should let know that this is not everton,they are used to losing or draw,but here,we are used to winning winning winning,no wonder no top player wants to come,even ronaldo.i bet you even v p wouldn’t have come if he were the manager then.let him also know the type of training that he gives them, that always make them weak every match.that is your lesson 4 letting go of the coaches that would have helped you out.as for alex,if not that am a christian i would have said that you are stupid 4 this your chosen,rubbish

  6. sixmund maset says:

    Moyes is not sure with what he is doing. Starting with that weak 1st 11 was wrong.He is to be sucked. we have to carry on loosing games so as to open doors for him

  7. Plz Moyes jst stapdown on yo own! 3 lozes far in jst 6 matchez ? Dat de # of lozes we av in a seasion! Moyesout!!

  8. Took over from??? Shit article wnyh wrong info

  9. shame on you’s!!! Its only been six games and your already saying be misinterpreted good enough.. you call your self your united your nothing more than glory hunters!! support your team through the painfully times and not just the joyous times!! if you cant doo that duck of and support city

  10. I love sir Alex bt the worst thing he did is to give us moyes

  11. I dont hv believe in moyes,cos he is nt in d right place 2 carry d umbrella of manu.d man is nt gud at all cos manu didnt change dia previous player and i dont knw y we ar losing dis time around.pls let change moyes cos fan like me is very tired of watching manu match cos is nt interesting like sir time.if sir can cum back pls we want him.

  12. moyes plz, do us faver and u live united alone u can’t force ur self onto smething that u can’t manage. Giggs has stayed in da club for long and he can do far better than u.

  13. mubaiwa tapiwa says:

    moyes must go. How can he say defending champions ar not gu enough. He made a mistake coz he iz da one who is not gu enough. Ur dayz are numbered mr Moyes. U ar not more years

  14. Moyes change pls

  15. moyes shld ve to step down by all means becoz he has showed us that he can’t do smething better for da club and if ferguson is this he shld ve to reorganise himself and step up for da club ones more.

  16. Paul Marshal Harry says:

    Moyes is a ‘mistaken identity’ recommended by Ferguson.As a defending champion,dis is d worst position a champion cud ever find themselves in d league.Pls l’m beggin as a Utd fan of 15yrs,sack dis bloke(Moyes).He ain’t got it at all 2 continue d Utd legacy of victory & success.

  17. smething shld ve to be in order for united to continue with their winning abillity.

  18. Moyes shud quit while he can!
    How can he get rid of the coaching staff and bring his own staff from Everton wat a joke!
    Man U squad is gud enuf to win EPL that’s a fact but moyes does not no how to utilise these players in the right way.
    We had the best coaching staff in the world who made players like beckham ronaldo and many more.
    We need Fergie back cuz moyes thinks Man U are Everton.

  19. TED PERECHALLI says:

    (1) The match versus WBA: Why replace Kagawa when Anderson was pure hogwash? Fabio should have played instead of Buttner. This is the match in which we needed dribblers – Januzaj, Zaha, Valencia – to break up the formation of the opponent team and peg the opponents in their own half. And we talk of the lack of 6 world class players! How many world class players did we have when we won the EPL last year? … The same team is here (minus Scholes, off course). Yet excuses … excuses … excuses are all that we get. Get on with it. Against WBA it was an EPL match … stop distracting the supporters by referring to the Champions League.
    (2) Admit your mistake, Moyes, in getting rid of Steele, Mulenstein and other members of the coaching team under SAF! Were they around the current debacle will not happen.
    (3) Field the best team ALL THE TIME. If people do not play to the expectations of the fans SELL THEM. We have some wonderful young players who can become world class players if given the chance – remember the time when SAF released David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt, Phil Neville and Gary Neville into the fray? Until they were let in they were relative unknowns (“babies”) not world class. You need guts to do what SAF woud do. Stop the moaning and groaning and let the youngsters into the game, if the seniors cannot play to he fans’ expectations they ought to retire or go elsewhere. Wake up, Moyes! We cannot lose games until the transfer window opens in January.
    (4) Had SAF remained at the helm this would not have happened – not with the calibre of players Man Utd has.

  20. moyes should quite man u for a better tommorow.if he can’t defeat westbrom at old trafford den which team wil he defeat?moyes iz best 4 everton but not the mighty man utd

  21. Ferguson plz cum and rescue man united.

  22. TED PERECHALLI says:

    1. When is Chicharito going to get the full 90 minutes to prove himself? Why was he taken out?
    2. Nani has been crap for most of the last season … even now … has an okay game but all of a sudden is telling the fans what to do. No goals from him yet: Is he worth the money?
    3. Rooney had a poor game and is handed the captaincy. Study the game carefully and one will see just what is going on in the field. Is he for us or against us?
    4. Anderson was a clown on the field and can call for focus. 5. Kagawa plays better than the clown and is taken out. Why?
    6. People like Januzaj, Zaha, Lingard; are they only for show? Don’t we know that world class players were raw talents before they rose in status to what they are?
    7. A good coach is able to transform an average team to championship material, lie SAF did in the past few seasons, and put fear in other teams through the selection of best team to face every team.
    8. It’s time to wake up! Man Utd’s never an average team. It’s time to fine tune things now and not experiment. Leave th experimentation to practice sessions. Fans watch the matches and see what the players do on the pitch. They cannot all be stupid enough not to be able to assess the performance of each player.
    Manchester United forever!

  23. Mr moyes please do the gracious thing and step down, sir Alex come back you still have a few good years left in you. Don’t let your wonderful team be destroyed. You were and always will be the heart of Manchester United. Now it’s time to show your fighting spirit you never took things lying down,
    Please reconsider!

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