Philippe Coutinho to Barcelona Transfer Rumors Don’t Worry Jurgen Klopp



 In this past January transfer window, it was known that both Barcelona and Real Madrid are interested in acquiring Philippe Coutinho, to the point that LFC Manager Jurgen Klopp felt the need to issue a warning to the La Liga duopoly.

“We never had any ideas or plans or any talks about him leaving, because he is our player – there are no other ideas, nothing has changed,” Klopp said earlier this season. 

“Big clubs don’t think in this way unfortunately. It was not a big injury so there was no question of him not being the same player afterwards. It would be nice if big clubs forgot about a player completely because he’s been injured for five or six weeks.” (Quote via NBC Sports Pro Soccer Talk)

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That was January and this is now, and the German is currently taking a very different approach to the rumors. Klopp said he welcomes the Barca interest and he maintains that he has no doubts over Coutinho’s loyalties lie.

“Actually, I think it’s positive when there is interest,” Jurgen Klopp said. “It shows it’s good. I am not concerned because I think Phil fits really well and comfortably here.

“He had a difficult time with injury, coming back fighting for shape, I would say. That’s normal. In the last three games, you can see immediately, when he is in a little bit of shape, how big the difference is he can have in a game.

“That’s wonderful for us. I am not concerned, actually, because we give the boys enough perspective that they really want to be part of this for the next few years.”


Where does Klopp get such self-assurance? Well, the Liverpool Echo reported today that Liverpool have already made it known to Barca that there will be no talks over a deal once the summer transfer window opens.

Watch this space? Maybe, maybe not.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This is a terrible podcast. The guy being interviewed doesn’t sound like a Tottenham fan, and seems to know nothing about the club or the stadium.

    I feel ashamed that this guy claims to be a Tottenham fan. I could throw a rock and find 1,000 people that are (or aren’t) Tottenham fans that know more than this guy.

    His description of the match day experience is laughable.

    Also, Tottenham and Man Utd co-existing?! Are you stupid?! There is no rivalry to speak of. There are 18 other clubs in the Premier League… how can they co-exist with one another?!


  2. nayimfromthehalfwayline says:

    Get in the ground two hours before and read the programme ????
    Nah mate ! Pie & Mash followed by six or seven pints in the Billy Nick is the proper pre match procedure. COYS

  3. Anonymous says:

    Londoner my arse ! I doubt if this bloke has ever been to London let alone being born and bred here. I’m pretty sure he’s never been to White Hart Lane either by the sounds of it.

  4. Concerning transfer: I will like manchester united to spend much on Angel Di Maria and Arturo Vidal,Arjen Roben and Schweignstiger and Isco.They have to sell out Cleverly,Ferdinand,Carrick,Smalling,Young,Nani,etc

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