Arsene Wenger Gives Message to Fans Wanting Him Sacked


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Liverpool routed Arsenal 4-0 at Anfield yesterday, turning what was supposed to be the weekend’s highlight fixture into an absolute trouncing. That of course brought the #WengerOut crowd out again, and we saw that hash tag trending on Twitter Sunday for the umpteenth time. Here is a link to some of the more entertaining entries falling underneath that umbrella hash tag.

Wenger and his side had absolutely no answers for what Liverpool wanted to do, and at times the Gunners players looked extremely disinterested.


As we’ve seen numerous times over the past couple seasons, the pitchforks are out for Wenger, and the Frenchman was asked about what his message would be for those who want him sacked.

“If some people feel as if I am the problem then I am sorry that I am the problem but we want our fans to be with us even in a losing performance like that,” Wenger told the news conference.

“The only thing we can do is come back and give them a better performance.”

He also later added:

“Mentally it was difficult. A very disappointing performance, it was disastrous. But it is not good to become too emotional after the game. There are some reasons behind it that we have to analyze but the players now go on an international break. We have done recently well in the big games. That is why today is even more disappointing.”


Aliko Dangote, Africa’s richest man, is an ardent Arsenal supporter who has publicly expressed his desire to buy the team and sack Wenger. However, the current ownership adamantly maintain that the club is not for sale.

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  1. Brima Bangura says:

    Wenger Must Go He Has Run Out Of Idea

  2. Danielsilas says:

    Arsene wenger does not deserve to be given contract any more before gave him, lets take an example between liverpool and benitez are there been, they pursuad they should have not stand well so wenger deserve no contract.

  3. Danielsilas says:

    Arsene wenger does not deserve to be given contract any more before gave him, lets take an example between liverpool and benitez are there been, they no pursuad they should have not stand well so wenger deserve no contract.

  4. when a players does not want to play for a team,d only thing involves is to change d wenger needs to b sacked.we have seen it with several teams like chelsea and liverpool.

  5. Arsenal players shoul be ashamed of themselveswith such apoor display of football.Bellerin does not have a clue about defense. Xaka is lazy and so is Ozil. Ozils log note and poor apology do not play football. Sanchez must go he does not belong to the Arsenal team. he mope elsewhere.Wenger should buy players instead of twisting his fingers when his team is losing. Sorry Site. I think he is eally starting to loose it. Poor team selection, when your better players are sitting on the bench. He should also get new staff.The people who occupy the seats next to Wenger appear to be clueless. I think Wenger and his current should call it a day.

  6. Wenger is a Dinosaur says:

    THE SPECIALIST IN FAILURE should go and go NOW!!!!!

  7. elewure mumin says:

    There is no gaingsaying the fact that wenger must go if arsenal wants to be a top ranked team bo in England and Europe. he has nothing more positive to offer the team. over the last decade, he has refused to tackle the team’s obvious lapses,creative midfielders,solid defensive midfielders and a top,top striker.

  8. enough z enough mi blame goes to da shareholders how could they offer wenger a two yrs contract after finishing fifth in the log he should have been sacked earlier coz he z now out ov footbal ideas how could he gamble against liverpool with unrealistic formation yet arsenal does not have those players who can fit dat system.

  9. I think Wenger should just quit from arsenal job since he does not have the capacity to maintain the Arsenal we want.As fans we feel hurt every game and feel like we should not accept obnoxious poor performance all the time.we need change as it is as good as rest.

  10. The major problem at Arsenal are goalkeeping and defence as those occupying are old and outlandish.Buy people with idea not confused defenders like headless chickens.

  11. kennedy kenya says:

    wenger should leave the club nonesense

  12. Anonymous says:

    let wenger go and stan konrokey must sell his shares to unsmanove

  13. why is wenger and the so called management are hurting and giving high bp to their adorable and loyal fans?Go wenger,go stan k.

  14. Anonymous says:

    I hate it that wenger is covering the wrong team(Stan kronkie&team conspiracy),
    He has killed his Carrier by denying arsenals glory to satisfying his bosses. Does he even ever think of arsenals fans interest, he has taken them for granted! How does a club buy a player for two months? Arsenal doesn’t buy for a benefit but bought lacazzete earlier to confuse fans, that’s was wenger’s plan.

  15. Forget the past, remember the present but think of the future. please let arsenal get a new coach who can stand up when his player are playing n’t like wenger.

  16. Anonymous says:

    What is sanchez still doing at arsenal? We take alot of time and end up losing on what’s best for the club. Sale sAnchez, buy draxler, sale mustafi buy Van dyjk, buy seri & asensio coz arsenal has the money.
    When will arsenal ever come back to reclaim tittle? Are we settling for less like the middle table teams and finding comfort theresults? You cannot compete wt team pre

  17. Let him go b’se he is playing players at wrong positions and wrong formation

  18. Maphike Sechaba says:

    Enough is enough and wish all the best in your endeavours. Drastic change is needed. We can’t afford to see team perform far below par

  19. Anonymous says:

    how lazy was the player against Liverpool. as if they are not doing enough training. and the transfer door is nearer. we need to see new arrival of high football display class.

  20. time has come when untrustable manager shl’d quite with immidiate effect with the rumoured sanches

  21. Rod jones says:

    Boro Primorac has got to go Shad forsythe is a joke at his job they work with the team day in day out steve bould can go as well .wenger has sold us a pack of lie’s for years’s august and our season is almost over winning the fa will not cover thr cracks any more. we are arsenal for life like it or not it’s not like we can change club. but the players and back room staff are arsenal for as long as they have a contract.

  22. wenger must go bcz they have no other style to make ateam to win.

  23. EPL now more expensive than it is before i don’t see arsenal competing for EPL trophy again even our top four have leave us #Wenger out

  24. Wenger has become old to think positively,he shd quit.

  25. Yakubu Makarfi says:

    I don’t blame d Arsenal Board, I don’t blame Arsene Wenger…. I blame d Arsenal fans inside d Emirate Stadium…
    My reasons are.!
    Don’t buy tickets again, stop enriching one idiot man call Stan Kronke.
    U ar in d stadium together wit Arsene Wenger shul incase of such a disappointed Liverpool game, Stone d Idiot, use object an stone him, disgrace him alot, an see if he wil not forcefully resign..
    I wish Emirate stadium is locate in Nigeria oh my God… By now it wil b late Arsene Wenger

  26. ismail hassan says:

    Wenger is a evil pls go

  27. Wenger lack selection of players and he has come of age, so wenger should quit arsenal and let young blood like club legend Henry take over.

  28. Arsene Wenger Pls Leave Arsenal Club We Are Going To Buy Another Coach Bcs You Dont Have Any Stayle To Make A Team Winner.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Arsene Wenger should leave Arsenal his too alderman to h
    andle this club we the fan’s we are very angry

  30. wenger out please arsenl fans will die all becouse of sock wenger doesn’t know how to partner his top player togetherl he is tired lets him go and rest plus those who are behaind all out we are very very tired withthem

  31. Delford Magaya says:

    Wenger should buy players who want to play for Arsenal, if Ox want to leave Arsenal, let him go, why use him after he informed Wenger he want to leave Arsenal, the other thing, Wenger have been warned on numerous occasions but he always think he is ahead of everyone, he must buy players, that idea of love of money too much does not work in football, he always complain that, players are expensive, that is what the market is today, he want to compare the market like what it was 4 years ago, does that make any sense? Please need new blood every year, some have stayed for a long time and what they are earning is not very good, as a result they opt to leave. He must buy quality players, what happened on Sunday should not be repeated again, Wenger should use the money to buy players like any other big teams, how can a team win big matches with such ordinary players?

  32. I think the Russian billionaire should buy Asernal and we will see the way forwardafterthat coz Wenger is a good coach he holds a great record with Asernal only thing lacking now is to bring beat dedicated players in Emirates who want to play for Asernal#Wenger not a problem but Stan the problem.

  33. If the billionaire comes in Wenger will have money to bring top players then the current team needs to be sacked

  34. Sad Arsenal Fan says:

    Arsenal board of director and wenger are disgrace to all arsenal fans, wenger should resign and leave arsenal alone,we are tired of nonsense….wenger cannot buy a top player,he will be only searching out a good player for oda clubs to buy,wat kind of nonsense is that..,uptill now wenger have not buy any player,but he will be only selling to make money for the stupid management. .we are tired of that,we fans we nid tropy…..wenger cum to new market and rent a shop den start a business,arsenal is not a business place….nonsense

  35. Sad Arsenal Fan says:

    Stan and wenger is a bad luck and bad market to arsenal club and fans…nonsense arsenal management,you people disgrace to all arsenal fans..

  36. it z true u pple who get into emrats stadium n incrsng d proft u shouldnt gts in fo 2 gmes let wenga n hs frnd gts in i thnk they cn chnge der mnd cos socio coments cnt help

  37. Wenger does not respect anyone .Since 2004 arsenal have the same problems but wenger listens to no one .please guys wherever you are let us come against this old mzee out of coaching ideas .i will lift the WENGEROUT# when Egypt comes here in uganda do the same wherever you are .he must get out before we are religated.

  38. George gunner says:

    He shd have been axed in 2008. That year Arsenal were within 5 to games to win the epl only for the horrendous Eduardo injury.
    He has flattered to deceive and tactically aint in the same league with the top managers.
    Can you believe heavy defeats against top teams repeated all the time?He has been given too much time and has failed to prove himself.

  39. Of course you are the problem and you obviously live in an imaginary world. There are many many other problems in Arsenal, the very low quality players that you brought in the team

  40. stephen Pearson says:

    Get rid of the owner – get someone like David Dein in so Wenger just says I want him and let the money men worry about the cost.

    Currently there is no team at Arsenal in any department be it the team itself the board the trianers the manager

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