Liverpool Gets Leeds but Arsenal-Southampton Top Draw in EFL QF



The last set of EFL Cup Draws, for the round of 16, were certainly “convenient,” and “narrative friendly.” However, the new set of draws, announced today for the quarterfinals, aren’t as “obvious.” Perhaps the thinking here is….”try and get an all big club PL semifinal(s) and then hopefully an all big club Premier League final?”

manchester united kit

Quarterfinal ties to be played the week of Nov. 28:

Liverpool v Leeds United
Manchester United v West Ham United
Hull City v Newcastle United
Arsenal v Southampton

Of course, it’s only the EFL Cup, which doesn’t have a ton of actual meaning really. It certainly doesn’t help that the name of the competition has so many names/keeps changing its name. Usually, the real big things in life are not the same things that are constantly rebranding themselves.

Still a win is a win like the horribly trite cliche says right? Does that apply to EFL Cup win?

You know Jurgen Klopp cannot turn it off too much, and doesn’t often take his foot off the gas.


I think he’ll play to win in the EFL Cup.

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