Arsenal FC Summer Transfer Window Grade: F


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What a horrific disaster!

Whatever you do for a living, you’re better at it than Arsene Wenger and company were at summer transfer business. They really did specialize in failure on every single level here. “Silent Stan” may have to finally start caring about something more than the financial bottom line, because the supporters are going to grow even more malcontent.

You thought the #WengerOut crowd was loud before? The pitchforks will be out in full force now, gathering momentum like a tropical storm strengthening into a category 5 hurricane.

The worst possible outcome for this team was Wenger deciding to stick around for a couple more years, and taking his sweet time in deciding to do so. Every other misstep and mistake follows from there, because Owner Stan Kroenke is only ambitious about profits, not winning. The club being in shambles begins at the top with him, the crumbles down to the board, and then Wenger and so forth. Wenger is the public scapegoat, but the issues start above his pay grade.

Arsenal FC Summer Transfer Window Major Additions: Striker Alexandre Lacazette

You notice how short this section is! By the way, forward was far from their biggest need. Lacazette broke the club transfer fee record, but why the hell was he relegated to the bench versus Liverpool last weekend?

Arsenal FC Summer Transfer Window Major Subtractions: Midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain

It’s not so much what they let get away, it’s the fact that now Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil are still around, and that they will almost certainly get nothing in return for them when they likely walk next summer. In the case of the former, he’s clearly disinterested in being there, and it’s toxic to the changing room. The players want Alexis gone for a reason.

Also, the plan on trying to replace him with Thomas Lemar was about as well thought out as the Republican Party’s healthcare repeal and replace. It looks like no due diligence was performed at all; by anyone.


Arsenal FC Summer Transfer Window Grade: F

Wenger has been fairly inactive in recent windows, and they’re really starting to pay the price for that now. It legitimately insults their devoted, zealous base that the Emirates could not be bothered to buy even one midfielder or defender. This north London club has all the money and resources to be consistently elite, but instead they have ineptitude in magnitude. The 2017 summer transfer window was like the period of two years ago when they added no players but Petr Cech…only much worse.

It’s like if that transfer window was leftover food that you took out of the fridge and left it outside in the sun for a few days.

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  1. The fraud and the owners will feel the anger now. But the team will be relegated

  2. As an Arsenal fan I am gutted.Arsenal is in shambles.We have bought no one except Lacazette and a free transfer of Sead.
    Wenger always waits for bargains and freebies.Sorry this has brought us to the level that we are in now.I can imagine how the rest of the season is going to be.Failures upon failures.We just dont have the squad that is consistent.Sell the whole club for all that I care.I would not be able to look forward to seeing any of their matches on tv any longer,Please boycott the games for the rest of the season.Anyway we are doomed.We may just make the mid table this year.Many of our players lack the drive and the will to win games.They are just happy about I suppose about being paid huge amounts when they definitely dont deserve to.Arsenal is sinking-too bad–for all our fans.

  3. Dont kick the ball–kick wenger out

  4. If Wenger is still here come the next window don’t let him get involved in any transfer business. P!ease get somebody who actually knows how to bid for players and gets the ones we need. I wrote ‘need’. Wenger always seems unaware of what we need and how much we should pay.

  5. Wenger is not the issue, the board is. Kroenke should be asked to leave then arsenal will bounce back.

  6. Wenger dream as a manger is gone

  7. Here we are again. Do not blame Wenger. Kroenke is smiling. He made a fine profit. Arsenal is financing his American business. He only cares for money. For him Arsenal is a good money machine. As long as things go this way it is ok for him. When things turn bad he will find somebody to pay a very high price for Arsenal and he will have a last big smile before returning to his American Football.

  8. Do you remember? Kroenke bought Arsenal. Then he took a mortage, built a new stadium and Wenger had to sell all the good players in order to repay the mortage. Now Arsenal has much more value. Kroenke is smiling. He does not give the money for good players. IT IS NOT WENGERS FAULT.

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