Sharknado! Tara Reid! Sequel! New York City! Subtitle it!



One of the drunkest and sluttiest human beings alive Tara Reid “starred” in “Sharknado” last Thursday night. And I haven’t stopped talking about since. What was Sharknado? It’s like “Deep Blue Sea” only much less watchable and way dumbed down. Oh and Tara Reid has had so much work done that she looks nothing like that picture above. Different person today. But the Sharknado sequel is coming! And it’s set for New York City.

Syfy has invited people to tweet suggestions for the sequel’s tagline using the hashtag #Sharknado. Submissions so far include “Sharknado 2: Electric Boogaloo”, “Sharknado 2: Sharks and the City” and “Sharknado 2: Taking a Bite out of the Big Apple”.

The ratings were bad. Even by SyFy standards, they were below par! And that’s with all that free publicity of approximately 4.5 million Twitter jokes about the horribleness of the film and Tara Reid. And yes, Tara Reid said she’s back for the sequel. If they’ll have her.

Here’s my reaction to the film.






— Paul M. Banks (@PaulMBanks) July 12, 2013





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