Rebecca Martinson: LOUD CURSING Maryland Sorority Girl Resigns



(UPDATE: Rebecca Martinson consults on newly released book)

Rebecca Martinson reminds me of Brick in Anchorman because she likes emails with “LOUD NOISES!!!!!!!” and I thought her psychotic, maniacal email was just about partying, but again “I DON’T KNOW WHAT WE’RE YELLING ABOUT!!!!!!!”

Well, it turns out today we officially say to Rebecca Martinson, “hey, thanks for coming!”

As Martinson’s Reign of Terror at Delta Gamma in College Park is now over. She officially stepped down.

Now that Maryland is in the Big Ten, I hope that all Terps are this unintentionally hilarious/internet gold/SEO friendly.

It’s like The Simpsons episode when Police Chief Wiggum began his investigation of the Mr. Burns shooting at a Tito Puente show: “Gee, I hope all the suspects are this fun!”


Below is a portion of the letter telling us that Rebecca Martinson has been dismissed. Well, she dismissed herself. (h/t to Scalawag and Vagabond)

This situation is becoming very reminiscent of Alexandra Wallace, the former UCLA student and bikini model who broadcasted bigoted remarks against Asians and Asian-Americans on YouTube A very photogenic and privileged white college girl makes very politically incorrect remarks in new media. Then it takes off on the internet and ruins her life.

via facebook:

Delta Gamma has accepted the resignation of one of its members whose email relating to a social event has been widely distributed and publicized through social media and traditional media channels.

The tone and content of the email was highly inappropriate and unacceptable by any standard.

No matter who released it to the public or how it reached such a mass audience, the email content should not reflect on any sorority woman in general or any fraternal organization at large.

This is a regrettable action by a college junior – a personal email that is now on view for a global audience. And as all reasonable people can agree, this is an email that should never have been sent by its author. Period.



Like former President Richard Nixon, Rebecca Martinson relinquished her leadership amidst scandal. Jon Stewart has dropped three “c*** punt” (CC University of Maryland student Rebecca Martinson) jokes in the past three days on The Daily Show.

Rebecca Martinson, for those just joining us, is the socially challenged and emotionally unstable sounding sorority girl who gave her subordinate Delta Gamma sisters in Terrapin country a profanity-laced and hostile set of “instructions,” I guess…..over email. (Before you click the link, remember the language there is NSFW and will almost certainly dumb you down.

Sadly, Rebecca Martinson deleted her Twitter account in the fallout. However, I copied and pasted some of her gems and made fun of them here. Then I found more tweets and made fun of Rebecca Martinson again some more here.

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  1. scallywag says:

    Becky dear, it was nice knowing you, I’m sure I can hear your fellow former sorority sisters cheering, ‘but please bixch, don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out….’

  2. Really glad that disgusting girl resigned. May she ever be remembered for such character and class.

  3. paulmbanks says:

    Amen to that!

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