Erin Andrews replaces Pam Oliver in top NFL on FOX gig



Erin Andrews isn’t what she was in her Erin Pageviews heyday. She jumped the shark a couple years ago, but Erin Andrews in her current state is still a lot better than most media people at their primes. Hell, most media people don’t even have a prime. I myself am like a Tone Loc or Sisqo of sports journalism (two hit wonder) and I haven’t had a hit in over a year.

EA still draws in the gawkers. This hilarious picture of creepers looking at her (and she herself looking quite awkward too) made the internet rounds. So once we get past that, we’ll get on to the actual business reporting in this post. I gave you the dessert first, then we’ll get to vegetables, sports media wise of course.


Don’t you love the Caucasian version of Bob Marley adoring her? Gazing on with loving eyes? How about the real life version of Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons and his powerful beard. That’s a Civil War era beard right there. And Erin making a really weird face, the camera got her at not such a good moment.

Erin Andrews will replace longtime NFL on Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver in the number one team for NFL on Fox broadcasts. The news was broken in a press release sent out by Fox Sports. It announced that they were elevating Oliver to a more versatile and visible role within the company.

She’ll be doing more content covering all the sports that FOX broadcasts, not just NFL. And you’ll see Pam Oliver year round now.

I’m excited and grateful to my Fox family for providing this thrilling new chapter in my career,” said Oliver.  “I’m over the moon for the opportunity to expand my contributions to include a wider variety of sports and programs, while still getting to report from the sidelines on NFL Sundays.  I’ve already spoken with Kevin and John and I’m really looking forward to being part of their outstanding team this season, my 20th and final season the sidelines.”


Prior to joining ESPN, Pam Oliver worked at KHOU in Houston WTVT in Tampa as a sports reporter and anchor.  Hers additional career stops include WIVB in Buffalo, WAAY in Huntsville, Ala., WALB in Albany, Ga., and WFSU in Tallahassee. Oliver began her broadcasting career as a community affairs reporter for public television.

And before you go, a few more Erin Andrews pics for the road:


erin andrews


bruce weber erin andrews



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