Creepy K.C. Chiefs fan harassing Melissa Stark (video)



Poor Melissa Stark. Why did the NFL subject her to being put in harm’s way of the cretins? And it’s not just Melissa Stark, it’s any woman, or man, because both genders have to deal with the dregs of society when networks do these dumb live shows interacting with the fans.

Look at the creepy guy on the right in the Kansas City Chiefs Joe Montana jersey. Watch him stare at the body of Melissa Stark, lick his fingers and smile.


h/t Herb Lawrence, 670 The Score, CBS Chicago

That’s disgusting. Even though Melissa Stark couldn’t see it at the time, it’s flat out harassment. Again why do media outlets believe in this STUPID NOTION of having their talent so “interactive” with the fans? Fan is short for fanatic, and we need a bigger and better firewall between reporters and fanatics.

“Gas Money” is a horrific local show on Comcast SportsNet built on the notion of subjecting journalists to this kind of trash. That program, and any other of its ilk need to be put to rest immediately so we don’t have more situations like what happened to Melissa Stark occurring in the future.


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