Kate Upton’s great grandfather invented the modern washing machine



Not only is Kate Upton the hottest woman alive, but she’s also one of the “manor born,” “a trust fund baby,” “two comma kid (Finding Forrester reference)” “American Aristocracy,” “old money;” or you could say “born on third base.”

Sure, it was the curves of Kate Upton that brought her the immense fame and internet search domination that she enjoys today…but I’m sure coming from a family that’s connected like a switchboard certainly helped.

Kate Upton still deserves her place as the hottest supermodel going these days, but when you’re from a family with “hella swiss or mozzarella, pockets swella, taking money like a bank teller” –Dr. Dre,

it can’t hurt you when it comes to getting ahead in life.  As I’ve pointed out earlier, Fred Upton, the uncle of Kate Upton, is a Republican who worked for Ronald Reagan and is currently the Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Commerce.

And both Kate Upton and her sister Laura Upton grew up enjoying the sport of the elite super-rich, horseback riding. As Laura Upton is a very accomplished equestrian athlete at the University of Georgia. 


(from NBC Sports Off the Bench)

Her great grandfather, Frederick Upton, is one of the founders of the Whirlpool Corporation. OK, no one is quite sure who exactly invented the washing machine: the clothes-wringing apparatus has been around since at least the 18th century. But the first mass-produced, widely available electric clothes-wringer was manufactured by the Upton Machine Co. in Nov., 1911: which was founded by brothers Lou and Fred Upton. Fred is the grandfather of Frederick Upton, now a Congressman from Michigan’s Sixth District. And he’s the uncle of Kate Upton…Does all this make Frederick Kate’s great-uncle? Look, I’m not sure. But they’re related.


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  1. Upton’s only flaw…she’s a Michigan fan. Proof that not everyone is perfect.

  2. paulmbanks says:

    ahhahhahahhahahaa. some would say her beauty mark is an imperfection. well, kind of like how Cindy Crawford’s beauty mark is an imperfection

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