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It didn’t take long for Kate Upton to become a polarizing figure. In the span of little more than a year, Kate Upton was a little known model on the rise to omnipresent supermodel to Kate Upton backlash. We’ll see what happens when these Kate Upton body paint photos start circulating. Apparently, a lot of people don’t appreciate her popularity, and think she’s fat.

Now look at the Kate Upton body paint pics after the jump and again, tell me she’s fat. You can’t be serious.

kate-upton-body-paint kate-upton-body-paint-2

Now there are people who are in my camp, who believe she’s just perfect the way she is and the hottest woman alive.

And then there are the visually challenged/just plain wrong who say stuff like this:

She’s not “fat” as in, I’d see her on the beach and immediately pick her out of the crowd as being morbidly obese. She is, however, HORRIBLY proportioned and frankly, too fat/out of shape to be modeling swimsuits. She’s about as curvy as my refrigerator. Her face is genuinely pretty, but 8/10 girls I went to school with had better bodies. The fact that she’s so popular says a whole lot about her audience. With the majority of people overweight/obese these days, they’re looking for an outlet with which to justify their fat lazy asses. Unfortunately, her star status doesn’t make the population any less fat or unattractive. Sorry guys.

Fat? She was voted the 3rd most desirable woman alive

Have they seen her Cosmo cover

and her GQ behind the scenes video shoot

By the way, you can see the whole SI body paint set here

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  1. She is def fat . She looks prego! #nasty

  2. Andrew is apparently blind.
    There’s nothing fat about her…
    Well, two things but that’s it.

    She’s severely arching her back.

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