Reporter Julie Stewart-Binks being ogled by Louis van Gaal (photo)



Julie Stewart-Binks joined Fox Sports as an update desk anchor and correspondent for FOX Sports 1 when the network launched in 2013. She’s but one soldier in Fox’s blonde army. See: Georgie Thompson, Erin Andrews, Molly McGrath, Jenny Taft etc.

Stewart-Binks used to host Fox Soccer Daily, before it was cancelled,with Eric Wynalda, Brian McBride and Warren Barton.

She also asked New England Patriots Tight End Rob Gronkowski to give her a lap dance tonight in the middle of doing her Super Bowl 50 preview show.

rob gronkowski


Watch the video below. Gronk certainly didn’t need much convincing at all, but Julie Stewart-Binks was the aggressor no doubt.

Gronk Gave Julie Stewart-Binks a Lapdance

Stay classy JSB! Way to set woman in sports media back 70 years.

If Julie seems familiar to Man United supporters it’s because you might recall her interview of Manager Louis van Gaal at the Rose Bowl in 2014. After United utterly demolished the L.A. Galaxy 7-0, Stewart-Binks (no relation to Jar Jar we believe) interviewed LVG after the match and it produced this particular screen grab.

It’s rather amusing:


And in case you’re wondering, Julie Stewart-Binks is a fan of Arsenal, but she has some other EPL ties in addition to supporting the Gunners.

Here’s an excerpt of an interview she did for FOX’s internal promotions page:

FOX Soccer: And then you went overseas for your masters, and that’s when you really got into soccer hardcore, right?


Julie Stewart-Binks: Yeah! I was at City University in London, right near the Emirates. I had always been a fan of the Premier League, but being around there every weekend really brought it home for me. Every Saturday and Sunday you saw the city shut down – the people were in the pubs and the streets, and the atmosphere was so electric. It’s really unlike anything I’ve ever seen, and I just fell in love with it.

FOX Soccer: An Arsenal fan for life!


Julie Stewart-Binks: (Laughs.) Well, I do support Arsenal, yes. But I really happen to like a lot of players and managers and tend to follow a lot of teams. I think that’s because my own family followed Manchester United from up in Scotland, because they had a Scottish manager. Not many Arsenal fans would admit they admired Harry Redknapp for what he did at Tottenham – or even that they like Frank Lampard! – but I do. I’m a big supporter of the English national team now along with my home country, and I really look at it as a love of great players and great teams.

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