Hot Dog Eating Contest Hostess Renee Herlocker: photos and bio


For the past decade or so, many television stations stopped recruiting journalists, and instead starting recruiting bikini models and cheerleaders to fill their sports sideline reporter slots. NESN, New England Sports Network in particular, exceeds at this practice. This fact is certainly not news, but it is interesting how one specific NFL cheerleading squad, the Denver Broncos, has produced three of these tv personalities all by themselves.

If you’re as much of a sports media nerd as I am, then you may have heard about the hostess with the mostess working the 4th of July Hot Dog eating contest for ESPN tomorrow. It’s former Broncos cheerleader Renee Herlocker, and I’m guessing it’s a name we’re going to be hearing a lot more. Like ESPN’s #1 overall remaining eye candy Jenn Brown, Herlocker has a tramp stamp. You can see it in the bikini/lingerie pictures below.

By the way, NFL Network’s Michelle Beisner and Avalanche/Rockies in-game hostess Lauren Gardner are the other two Broncos cheerleaders to obtain major national media gigs. Click their names where highlighted for bios/pics on each of them.

I guess being a Broncos cheerleader is the new escalator to media stardom. By the way, here’s the Renee Herlocker Facebook fan page. And the Renee Herlocker Twitter account. She may or may not have a MySpace page, but I’m not going to bother to look for it because no one has cared about MySpace even existing since 2008.

For more Renee Herlocker photos

Yes, even more Renee Herlocker photos

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