Erin Andrews LAME response to David Pollack’s sexist comments



Fox Sports personality Erin Andrews really should have hit ESPN analyst David Pollack much harder in response to his sexist remark regarding women not belonging on the college football playoff selection committee.

I know Erin Andrews has been all corporatized for several years already, and as such can no longer publicly say anything acerbic, or maybe even “colorful” at this point, but this is a situation where EA should prioritize ideals over remaining vanilla enough to keep shilling workout and nutritional products.

Pollack was reacting to news that former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is expected to be named to the college football playoff selection committee. Pollack said on ESPN’s College GameDay, live from right here in Chicago (Northwestern vs. Ohio State, here are yesterday’s best Gameday signs by the way) yesterday, that he didn’t think women belonged on a committee that will choose the top four teams for the new playoff format beginning in 2014.


“I want people on this committee, guys, that can watch tape, yes, that have played football, that are around football, that can tell you different teams, on tape, not on paper,” Pollack said.

It’s thinly veiled, but the familiar “oh, you didn’t play, so what you know?” cliche condescension.

GameDay host Chris Fowler kind of painted Pollack, a former Georgia Bulldogs football player, into a corner. Fowler didn’t throw him under the bus, but he could have made a better effort getting Pollack away from the oncoming bus:

“So no woman belongs on the committee, then?”

Replied Pollack: “You said that … I’ll say it, yeah, yeah.”


Erin Andrews “retorted” (sort of) on Fox Sports 1’s pregame show today:

“I’m a female, thanks for having me in college football.”


Pollack made a sexist remark, and this is an industry where sexism RUNS RAMPANT. And having more women in the field is the only way to change that.

We should have more women working in sports media. We need more women in the press box.

Erin Andrews should have stood her ground better. Granted it’s NOT her responsibility to do so, but someone should. At least one female football reporter should speak up. Why not Erin Andrews?

She’s as high profile and influential as it gets. People would listen her make a political statement. She has a tremendous following. However, there are many others that could still speak out: Charissa Thompson, Pam Oliver, Alex Flanagan, Nicole Zaloumis, Melissa Stark, Jenn Brown, Lindsay Soto, Carolyn Manno, Kara Henderson, Michelle Tafoya, Rachel Nichols, Colleen Dominguez, Jaime Maggio, Samantha Ponder, Lindsay Czarniak, Jennifer Hale etc etc.

The reason I suggest Erin Andrews is because she did say something at least.

She should have been more assertive in responding to Pollack. She could have made a small stride toward gender equality. Instead she tweeted something else boring about this topic. I’m not going to insert the tweet here because it was too bland and yawn-inducing.


Just like the Erin Andrews Twitter feed itself.

Never follow it, it’s extremely pointless.

We know Erin Andrews can be an interesting and entertaining person, but the possible press agent likely running her Twitter account for her has made Erin Andrews publicly appear so over-managed that she’s reached Danica Patrick levels of vanilla.

This was like Michael Jordan’s infamous “Republicans buy shoes too.”

Paul M. Banks is the owner of The Sports, an affiliate of Fox Sports. An analyst for 95.7 The Fan and 1620 The Zone, he also writes for Chicago Now. Follow him on Twitter (@paulmbanks) and Facebook

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  1. The person who has the problem with equality here is not Erin Andrews. It’s Pollack. Your article makes her out to be the bad guy–rather than the real problem, which is Pollack. Sometimes the best thing a woman can do is remain professional–especially when someone else on the set has decided to take an unprofessional turn and say something stupid. Pollack’s attitude wouldn’t be changed by anything Erin had to say. Attacking him or his ideals on the set would not have solved a single thing. It’s not that simple and “making a stand” would have changed nothing.

  2. Everything Erin does is calculated for attention, publicity and how she can use it to make herself a buck by shilling some product. This was no exception. Rather than handling it in a professional manner like Bonnie Bernstein, or with humor like Samantha Ponder, she tried to show everyone up on TV and ended up making a complete fool of herself. 63-0 indeed.

  3. paulmbanks says:

    What did Bernstein and Ponder do?

  4. Bonnie tweeted Pollack and said she heard what he said and they should talk. Samantha tweeted about Pollack’s right to his own wrong opinion and him making her a sandwich.

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