USC fires Lane Kiffin, what about Layla Kiffin



As you’ve heard, USC fired college football Coach Lane Kiffin in the middle of the night. So we’re concerned about his wife Layla Kiffin. How is she taking the news? Does she need consoling? How will Layla Kiffin stay in the public spotlight as her husband’s career slides downhill?

We need to make sure Layla Kiffin continues to be photographed regularly, and those photographs are published. (more Layla Kiffin pics)

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Now the speculation begins about who Kiffin’s successor will be, and already sports pundits keep saying Pat Fitzgerald over and over again. The local Chicago media has deemed Fitz the next Nick Saban; I guess they have overlooked the fact that he’s gone 26-30 in Big Ten play during his career leading Northwestern. Fitzgerald has also gone 4-2 versus Ron Zook. Fitzgerald is obviously a very good coach, but to be considered elite? I think you need to above .500 and likely undefeated versus Ron Zook in order to reach that status.

Of course, everyone seems certain that Mack Brown is out at Texas, so that job will be in play too. And if Brian Kelly leaves Notre Dame for the NFL, very likely, that gig will be available. Along with the fact that no one believes Bo Pelini will be back at Nebraska next fall. So look at all the jobs potentially opening up: USC, Texas, Notre Dame, Nebraska…that’s got to be record setting.

But again the crux of the matter is don’t cry too much for Lane Kiffin, he still has Layla Kiffin in his life.


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