Californians didn’t watch Rose Bowl; Stanford Cardinal horrible for TV ratings



I told you that Stanford Cardinal fans are the worst in all of college football. Stanford has been to the Rose Bowl 16 times, that’s the fifth most of any school. Yet the Cardinal fanbase is notoriously apathetic. And as a small, elite private school that fan base is tiny to begin with. Stanford couldn’t even sell out a Pac 12 championship game that they hosted. All around the Rose Bowl game, Pasadena and Southern California, green and white absolutely dominated.

Given the stature of their program, Stanford fans really are a joke. The following is cribbed from an ESPN self-congratulatory press release on their ratings. I also translated it from PR corporatespeak into actual readable English.

The 2014 Rose Bowl Game is the most-viewed program on cable television outside of ESPN’s NFL games since the 2013 BCS National Championship. ESPN’s telecast of No. 4 Michigan State over No. 5 Stanford Cardinal averaged 18.6 million viewers.


Detroit, the top-rated market, averaged the highest-rated bowl game ever on ESPN in the market. Columbus was the second highest-rated market followed by Birmingham, Dayton, New Orleans, Portland, Kansas City, Austin, Greenville and Seattle.

Okay so where’s California?

Frisco? Frisco?

From Oakland and back down??

Sacramento? Sacramento where you at?

Quoting Dr. Dre and 2pac in “California Love” there, but seriously no northern CA markets made the top ten. Even San Jose, which is very close to Palo Alto failed to make the cut. In fact, ZERO California markets made the list. Good job, good effort  Stanford Cardinal “fans.”

Again, this is why I never write about Stanford. Because NO ONE CARES.

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  1. “Again, this is why I never write about Stanford. Because NO ONE CARES.”

    Probably the same reason noone reads the sports bank.

  2. DM Manoukian says:

    Joe / Paul – as you know, Stanford is one of the top educational institutions in the world – their graduates are also spread around the globe, managing and running organizations – just because they chose not to stay in the Bay Area, and boost TV ratings, does not mean that they do not support their team – we are located in the greater Philadelphia area, and are rabid fans – we do care, and we do read The Sports Bank – Go Cardinal

  3. paulmbanks says:

    DM, very very excellent educational institution, yes. Top nothc. And thank you for clarifying a bit more for me about how Stanford alums are spread throughout the country. What cities have the highest concentration of Cardinal alumni?

    Joe, apparently you read The Sports Bank, because you read and commented!

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