Ohio State coaches fired for sexually harassing cheerleaders



When Ohio State traveled to Champaign today, and drubbed the Illini 60-35, there were plenty of negative moments for Illinois. The score of the game tells you that all by itself. Additionally, you had Illini head coach Tim Beckman needing to be separated from his Offensive Coordinator Bill Cubit. They had such a heated verbal exchange that it looked like they might actually come to blows.

Like there wasn’t enough pain in Champaign this weekend, you know that whole Cliff Alexander thing. And the Quentin Snider thing.

On top of that, the Illinois student section was so empty for this game versus #3 Ohio State that they couldn’t even complete their halftime block I card stunt. So that was disgraceful.

However, Ohio State has their own disgrace, the fired Ohio State cheerleading coaches. So why were they not at U of I? Why were they canned?


Eddie Hollins and Dana Bumbrey, two Ohio State cheerleading coaches, were fired earlier this year following accusations of sexually harassing cheerleaders.

The Columbus Dispatch writes:

Cheerleaders told investigators that Hollins made sexual jokes and sometimes slapped male students on the butt or tapped their testicles.

They also said Bumbrey made inappropriate remarks to the female cheerleaders, including using the nickname “Fornicate” for one of them. He regularly commented on the size of the women’s bottoms, they said, and made remarks such as “she always has her legs spread” when women were in compromising positions during routines.

Hollins told investigators that he took male cheerleaders to the gym at the Athletic Club in Downtown Columbus and showered in front of them on a few occasions.

There were also explicit text messages involved.


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