12 ESPN College Gameday potential signs: Ohio State vs Northwestern



Ohio State heads to Northwestern, and ESPN College Gameday will be there. My favorite part of College Gameday is the collection of signs. We’ll see which ones actually make it to College Gameday on Saturday morning, and which get cut.

How this one got past the censors the last time College Gameday did a NU “home game” is beyond me.

It’s from 2010 when Northwestern took on the Illini at the home of the Cubs.

There are some more good College Gameday potential signs about Venric Mark and Kain Colter. And of course, Ohio State bashing. The Urban Meyer as Richard M. Nixon is classic.


The Pat Fitzgerald entry, inspired from The Great Gatbsy by F. Scott Fitzgerald is pretty solid, and the good ones need no explanation. But I gave you the explanation anyway, even though you didn’t need it.

Other great College Gameday signs:

“Hey Fowler, Remember me?” (the head of the alien who “had his way” with Chris Fowler years ago)

a poster of Pat Fitzgerald wearing a Texas Longhorns pullover

“I only have a A- in Chem.”

“Urban Liar”

“You know what else is in Columbus? Neither do we”

“I’m Smart”

“I Love Lamp”

“Show us your Tats”

“We Came to Play School” but the WINNER is…

“Nickelback World Tour 2005: NEVER FORGET”


As much as I love Stephen Colbert, and it’s one of my favorite shows on television, he’s gotten really stale lately with his absurd self-promotion bit. Showing off his Emmys over and over again isn’t funny. It’s Darren Rovell level self-promotion, narcissism and egocentrism.


This Ohio State sign is classic because it incorporates both Shakespeare, and the time that the Ohio Bobcats mascot attacked Brutus at Ohio State (video here)



This one reminds us that Ohio State President E. Gordon Gee is bigoted and racist.

So that’s funny.


Another Pat Fitzgerald sign which pokes fun at his Coachy McCoachington status.

And Neil De Grasse Tyson; can’t go wrong with him.


Citizen Kain Colter



Not Pat Fitzgerald or Colter or Mark related but still good

venrick mark

Sharknado or Marknado!

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