Notre Dame football: Pinstripe Bowl bound, Louis Nix to NFL draft



Notre Dame football has accepted a bid to the Pinstripe Bowl. And it turns out that the 14-10 win over a middling mediocre USC Trojans team came with a serious price, as both the best offensive player on the Notre Dame football team, and one of their better defenders left with injuries.

Both QB Tommy Rees and DT Louis Nix left the night contest. One returned, the other did not.


So what about Louis Nix? Irish Chocolate left the game with a shoulder injury yesterday. However, he did return.

“I’m good. I’m Louis Nix,” said postgame.

“There’s no melting this chocolate.”

Unfortunately for Nix and Notre Dame football, he was not quite the same after that game. He was later shut down for the remainder of the college football season. He declared for the NFL Draft today.


So there you have it Notre Dame football fans. Nix is really good, but he’s about as overrated a player as Rees is underrated. Part of it is because he’s a Notre Dame football player. Part of it is he’s a great soundbite, in a world in which 90% of the players are not good soundbites.

Also Nix should be a top 15, top 20 pick in the first round of May’s draft.

And you might know Louis Nix from his past Twitter relationship with porn star Emily Austin.

Which makes him even more awesome in my book.


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  1. I saw that Southern Cal, Notre Dame game. How could anybody have gotten hurt in that game. Nobody blocked, tackled, or ran real fast the whole game.

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