Lizzy Seeberg’s father, Tom Seeberg talks about Prince Shembo, ND



Regarding the death of Lizzy Seeberg, no one was ever tried in court. However, the case is again being heard in the court of public opinion now after former Notre Dame football player Prince Shembo admitted that he was the player being investigated for sexually assaulting her. Shembo admitted that he was the player in question during media availability at the NFL Scouting Combine this past weekend.

This public revelation of information everybody knew but couldn’t say just once again paints a picture of Notre Dame football and the University of Notre Dame being the bigger villain than Shembo. This despite the fact that Shembo himself is certainly no sympathetic character. But my opinion is pretty insignificant when compared to the opinion of Tom Seeberg, father of Lizzy Seeberg.


Tom Seeberg joined The Kap and Haugh Show and Chicago’s 87.7 The Game to answer questions about the poor ways in which Notre Dame handled the case surrounding his daughter’s tragic suicide, how ND mishandled prosecution, his feelings towards Prince Shembo revealing himself as the player in question at the NFL combine and much more.


Powerful stuff. ND has still never commented publicly on Lizzy Seeberg, even in the wake of this week’s events. Tom Seeberg says that Notre Dame President Fr. Jenkins has never acknowledged the Seeberg family. Neither has ND football Coach Brian Kelly or Prince Shembo. None of them have ever shown sympathy, respect, or anything.

The so-called reason for that, ND claims, was that they never wanted to say anything public out of respect for the memory of Lizzy Seeberg and the Seeberg. Tom Seeberg says that’s absolutely untrue.


He also talks about the smear campaign done against the character of Lizzy Seeberg and how all the attacks against her, the impugning of her character, immediately after her death no less, were just blatant lies.

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