Lindsay McCormick previews “The Basketball Tournament”


Lindsay McCormick is a TV personality from Houston who has appeared on “ESPN Streak for the Cash” and “ESPN College Pick’em” on She began her media career at Auburn covering the football team and then moved on to covering the NFL for ESPN The Magazine after graduation.

On Thursday night, McCormick will be doing sideline for The Basketball Tournament . It’s TBT on Throwback Thursday, as “The Basketball Tournament” is the event’s official name. We spoke with McCormick to preview TBT, an open-application tourney with a $1 million prize. Games will be televised July 23 and 25 on ESPNU and August 1-2 on ESPN.


The Notre Dame Fighting Alumni, last year’s champion, will play their first game on Thursday, July 23 at 7:00 pm central. ND basketball coach Mike Brey will be doing play-by-play for the first game that will be televised by ESPU. It will be played at McGrath-Phillips Arena on the DePaul University campus. The Notre Dame Alumni Play-In Game is against TBD (To Be Determined), so you know that’s going to be very tough.

TBD is obviously known for both their smothering perimeter defense and the physical style in which they attack the glass. Let’s hope Ben Hansbrough and Tim Abromaitis can find enough ball rotation and spacing to get lots of open looks against TBD. And we’ll see if Carleton Scott, Ty Nash and company can win the battle of the boards over To Be Determined.

(We’re joking of course, there is no team named TBD. We’re still awaiting news of who ND’s opponent will be)

The quarterfinals, July 25, from DePaul will feature play-by-play voice Adam Amin, analyst Dan Dakich and reporter Lindsay McCormick on the call. Game times for Friday (July 24) and Saturday (July 25) games have not been posted yet.

“There’s definitely some well known players- Nate Robinson, Mike Bibby, Smush Parker, Jason Williams, Michael Sweetney are all in it,” said McCormick.

“Nick Young has a team, Luke Harangody, there’s a lot of well known names.”

Harangody, Hansbrough, Abromaitis, Scott and Nash lead the Notre Dame alumni team which is truly locked and loaded. When you combine those names with Torin Francis, Eric Atkins and Tory Jackson (who are all also on the team sheet) and you have the Notre Dame basketball A-list of the 2000s and 2010s. See the full roster here.

You can see why this team won the whole thing last year, and appear to be the favorites to repeat this year.

tim abromaitis notre dame

The Notre Dame Fighting Alumni is pretty much the 2011 team which was a #2 seed in the NCAA Tournament. (See it is Throwback Thursday). For the sake of Notre Dame basketball fans, let’s hope this trip to Chicago to play a single-elimination tournament will end better than the last time.

At the United Center, #10 seeded Florida State knocked out Notre Dame in the second round of 2011 March madness.

As indicated above, McCormick will be working with Dan Dakich on this broadcast, so you know it will be interesting and colorful. In just the past few months alone Dakich had publicly feuded with:

Jim Rome, Fran McCaffery, the mayor of Champaign, SB Nation’s Purdue Site “Hammer and Rails” etc. Basically he’s now become the Eminem of college basketball media; having beefed with a nice eclectic mix of people.


Look up the history of @dandakich ‘s Twitter mentions and you’ll see plenty of argumentation and lots of name-calling. July is the slowest month by far for sports, and by this time of year, football and basketball weary of the annual routine drought. It’s interesting to see all the unique, outside-the-box events ESPN is doing during the sports media Sahara Desert.

TBT is a perfect example, and how they present it will go a long ways towards helping The Basketball Tournament gain appeal. Here’s a listing of all the “unique” “sporting events” that SportsCenter is going on location to cover during the extreme sports dead zone that is Late June to mid August.

mike brey

“It will be interesting, I always like working with fun personalities,” McCormick said.

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